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Zicky Dice Reveals Broken Promises Caused NWA Departure

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Former NWA Television Champion, Zicky Dice, has broken his silence on his departure from the National Wrestling Alliance.

On January 1, Dice officially became a free agent upon the expiry of his NWA contract. In reality, the star had been pushing for his release since summer of 2020 – after receiving an email from his employer stating that anyone who wasn’t happy should speak-out – but was kept with the promotion after Billy Corgan exercised a roll-over clause in his contract thanks to his status as champion.

Now, with his freedom in hand, Zicky Dice has spoken to Fightful about his time in the National Wrestling Alliance and what caused him to request his release:

“I was offered $250 a month as Television Champion. I turned that contract down. No disrespect, no offense, but I’m good, I don’t need to sell ‘Outlandish’ Zicky Dice for $250 a month. Turned that down, got a call from Billy Corgan, and we raised it up a little bit more during the pandemic. You know, ‘Zicky, if you move to Atlanta, we’ll pay you more. Zicky, if people turn down their contracts, we’ll pay you more. Zicky, if you overdeliver, we’ll pay you more.’ These are all things that I heard. And what did I do? I got my own camera crew, I got a guy that can write jingles, that’s released platinum records, I’ve been taking over entertainment. So what did I do? I over-delivered every single time. Go back and look at those “Carnyland” episodes, look at the quality of the content that I sent in. Look at how clear, the high resolution, the editing, that was all done here. So I over-delivered. I made sure because I wanted to take the brand to the next level. And circle around, I started seeing a lot of empty promises and a lot of true colors coming out that started changing the way that I looked at the brand and my job.”

Next on the agenda was the much mentioned email NWA talent received. Following the release of Dave Lagana subsequent to allegations of sexual misconduct, the roster was approached by NWA President Billy Corgan who assured them that they were to speak-up if they were not happy.

‘Outlandish’ took it upon himself to not just speak-up about where he thought he could be used properly, but after being ignored, he stated that requesting his release was taken personally:

“I signed on the dotted line, and I continued to overdeliver and try and make the best out of what I was given. So after asking for my release, when I was told that it wouldn’t be taken personal, it was taken personal. And I saw a little bit of backlash from that. I had reached out to Mr. Corgan twice about trying to get on the phone together, and I never heard back from him. And now, that was six, seven months ago. So here we are. Free agent, ready to take over professional wrestling and entertainment as a whole.

There was a few back and forths about, he wanted to know why, he wouldn’t take it personal. I let him know I was uncomfortable with some of the stuff that had happened at NWA, which caused someone to, a higher-up, leave the company, and then that kind of made me feel a little uncomfortable and uneasy. And then there was some other just bull—- locker room politics, and I’m an easygoing guy. I have very few enemies, and if they don’t like me, it’s probably because I’m doing something right.”

Since his departure from the NWA, Dice has been said to be eyeing a move to AEW over WWE or IMPACT Wrestling. When pushed about where his future lay, the talent didn’t name one specific company, but stated he was open to offers:

“I did business, I didn’t complain about it and I made the best out of what I was given. And now I’m ready for the bigger stage, whatever that is. The phone lines are open.”

Inside the Ropes will keep you up to date with where Zicky Dice chooses to commit his future to.

Credit for the interview: Fightful

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone