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Zeus Wins All Japan’s Champion Carnival 2020

Zeus Wins All Japan's Champion Carnival 2020

In the final match of All Japan Pro Wrestling‘s Champion Carnival tournament 2020, Zeus was triumphant over company ace Kento Miyahara in a gruelling 30 minute plus contest.

The win marks the 38-year-old’s first-ever Carnival trophy, having emerged from the tournament undefeated and with a submission victory over current Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, SUWAMA.

Despite currently being one-half of the All Asia Tag Team champions and having predominantly been a tag team staple in All Japan, Zeus was presented strongly throughout the tournament, not just in results but through the addition of his new submission finisher, the Facelock.

Having previously held the Triple Crown championship briefly back in 2018, Zeus looks set to challenge current incumbent SUWAMA, with the pair expected to clash at the promotion’s Osaka show later in the month.

SUWAMA all but confirmed this in a tweet following the finals:

Elsewhere on the card, Yuma Aoyagi collected a win over Koji Doi in the evening’s only other singles bout. Aoyagi also appeared after the main event, consoling Kento Miyahara and assisting him to the back in a surprising show of sportsmanship.

Champion SUWAMA was also in action, coming out on the losing side of a 6 man tag team affair which was most notable for the dissention teased between him and tag team partner Shuji Ishikawa.

The pair, who currently hold the AJPW World Tag Team titles, teamed with Dan Tamura in a losing effort to the Enfants Terribles trio of Shotaro Ashino, Kuma Arashi and Hokuto Omori. After the match, Ashino and Arashi challenged the champions to a title match, adding further title defences to SUWAMA’s increasingly busy schedule.