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Zelina Vega – “Who Is Sasha Banks? Who Cares About Sasha Banks?”

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks made a surprise return to Friday Night SmackDown on July 30th, but not everyone was happy to see the former Women’s Champion.

On the show, Bianca Belair arrived in the ring to celebrate 100 days as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. However, Carmella had other ideas. The former champion said that she deserved another shot at Belair, seeing as she previously held the title for over 130 days. As Carmella was making excuses for her defeat at Rolling Loud Festival last week, Zelina Vega made her own claim to a title match.

Vega got right in Belair’s face to make the challenge. Just as Belair was accepting, Carmella attacked from behind and laid waste to the champion. But there was to be one more surprise as the returning Sasha Banks sprinted to the ring to even the odds.

In the main event, Banks and Belair took on Carmella and Vega. The two rivals worked well as a team, pulling off some impressive tandem offence before Banks picked up the win forcing Carmella to submit.

Appearing on Talking Smack, Zelina Vega revealed that she was less than impressed with the returning Superstar. Vega said that everyone hates Banks, adding “she ain’t the boss of me.”

“Who is Sasha Banks? Who cares about Sasha Banks?” Vega said, clearly annoyed by the question. “[Do] you know why she calls herself the ‘conversation?’ Because the conversation is about how everybody hates her. That is what Sasha Banks is about. Who is she the boss of? She ain’t the boss of me.

“I’m gonna tell you this right now: anybody who mentions Sasha Banks in my presence will get smacked right in the face. Starting now.”

The union between Banks and Belair turned out to be short-lived. As the pair celebrated in the ring, the former champion hit a Backstabber on Belair. Not content with that, Banks continued the beatdown locking in the Bank Statement, before raising the SmackDown Women’s Championship over the body of her stricken rival.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.