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Zelina Vega Reportedly Requested Meeting With Vince McMahon Following Release

Zelina Vega

More details have emerged regarding the release of Thea Trinidad, also known as Zelina Vega, from WWE.

While initial details from PWInsider.com revealed how Vega’s release was “fallout” from the edict that talents drop their relationships with third party entities and that she was bound by a 90-day non-compete clause, more details have emerged surrounding the events which occurred on the day of the former WWE Superstar’s release.

Meanwhile, Fightful Select have followed up on that report by saying they can’t confirm whether Zelina Vega was escorted from the arena after being released, but that they were told Vega was denied an opportunity to speak with Vince McMahon. Fightful reports that Zelina had asked to speak to Vince McMahon to tell him goodbye, and the offer to do so was declined.

This marries up with a report from the Wrestling Observer, which says Mark Carrano, WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Relations, broke the news and that Vega has asked to speak to Vince McMahon after being told of her release, which was declined, in the same report that suggested Vega was escorted from the building.

Fightful goes on to say that one talent told them it’s hard enough to get a meeting with Vince McMahon when you’re employed by the company, much less when you’ve just been fired with another saying they waited weeks to talk with Vince McMahon following their call-up.

Thea Trinidad, formerly known as Zelina Vega, was open in her calls for unionisation following her release, with SAG-AFTRA – the Screen Actors Guild – confirming they’ve held “powerful” talks with the former WWE Superstar.