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Zelina Vega On Getting Advice From The Rock Just 1 Hour Before Her WWE Return

The Rock

Queen Zelina Vega has discussed her friendship with WWE icon The Rock and says she called the Hollywood star just an hour before her WWE return for advice.

Zelina Vega returned to WWE in the summer of 2021 just months after she had initially left the company following the fallout on the ban from WWE Superstars working with third-party platforms.

Since returning to the company, she has undergone a transformation from Zelina Vega to Queen Zelina after recently winning the Queen’s Crown Tournament at Crown Jewel.

Speaking on the Out of Character podcast, Zelina Vega discussed her friendship with The Rock after the two worked together on the movie Fighting With My Family. Vega says she called The Great One at the last minute for advice before her big WWE return:

“Even the day I was coming back to WWE, maybe an hour before I went out, I called [The Rock] and went, ‘Hey, I’m nervous. How do I do this, how should I attack this?’ He was just giving me some good ideas and it comes from a really good place. I’m thankful for him.”

As far as when Zelina Vega knew herself that she’d be returning to WWE, The Queen says that you never really know that something’s definitely going to happen until it does:

“I always say that I don’t actually know until it happens. You can know for a week or two and then it’s like, ‘we’re going to move it to here.’ I always say, ‘I didn’t know until my music hit.’ You just never know.”

Vega then discussed the reports in May that suggested that she was on her way back to WWE but says those were premature:

“What made it funny was, at that time, when it came out, I wasn’t really back yet. It wasn’t really a thing yet.”

“I know they were filming something for [Malakai Black] and that’s initially what I was there for. It made it funny because I was like, ‘this isn’t even 100% yet. They’re talking like it is. You don’t know the specifics, I can’t tell you the specifics, so just shut up. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be, if it’s meant to be.'”

“Why take that away from the fans? That was my biggest issue with stuff like this. Why ruin it and take moments away from the fans that are genuinely going to be a cool moment instead of, ‘I got on the internet and heard she was coming back anyway. It’s not a big deal.’ It’s not a huge deal when you already know about it.”

h/t Fightful