Zack Sabre Jr Credits Ghost Of George Michael With Recent Win

Zack Sabre Jr ITR 50

Zack Sabre Jr has credited a careless whisper from the ghost of George Michael for his recent triumph.

They say inspiration can strike in unexpected ways, but even by the standards set by professional wrestling, Zack Sabre Jr’s dalliances with the ghost of George Michael are a little unconventional.

While it’s good to have faith in something, a wrestler finding inspiration in a singer isn’t exactly the norm.

Speaking after his win in G1 Climax 32 over Aaron Henare, Sabre Jr disclosed his encounter with the spirit of pop music’s past. The star began by lambasting Michael for not helping him when he faced Kazuchika Okada earlier in the year.

Turns out Michael was hiking with Prince. (Inside The Ropes was unable to vouch for Prince’s whereabouts during this time.)

However, Michael wasn’t about to let the sun go down on Sabre Jr and offered him some advice, which would eventually see him grab the win.

“When I couldn’t breathe, I had a vision. When I came around, George Michael was there. George Michael said ‘Hi Zack’, and I said ‘Hi George. Where the bloody hell were you. I needed your help in April. When I was challenging Okada for the IWGP World Heavyweight title. You didn’t bloody show up’. George Michael said ‘sorry Zack. I was hiking with Prince.. It was very nice, have you been?’

I responded ‘not recently George Michael, no. I have more pressing matters like the G1 Climax’.. I said ‘George, I thought you were going to be here to give me some advice. You got any advice?’.. George Michael went “Achilles probably”. I went ‘Achilles?’ and he said ‘yeah he hurt his Achilles, do the Achilles’. I went ‘alright I’ll do the Achilles’ and I won so once again thank you George Michael.”

Thankfully for Sabre Jr he knew that Michael was waiting to lead him to victory, and to the top of C Block in the G1 standings.

You can find the full results from Night 4 here.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.