Zac Efron Spotted On Set Of Upcoming Kevin Von Erich Film

Zac Efron

After officially landing the movie role to play professional wrestling legend Kevin Von Erich, actor Zac Efron has been spotted with a brand new bulked-up physique.

Named after Von Erich’s signature finishing move, the film is called “Iron Claw,” which was a hold that was also used by many of Von Erich’s children. The film is categorized as a drama.

Zac Efron Is Going All Out For New Kevin Von Erich Movie

Known for being a hunk in Hollywood, and already having a chizzled frame before his “Iron Claw” casting, Zac Efron had to put in major work in order to build up the muscle mass in replication of Kevin Von Erich.

Along with Zac Efron, other casting includes Lily James, who is an Emmy award nominee. The film will also feature Jeremy Allen-White and Harris Dickinson in major roles. The movie was directed and written by Sean Durkin.

Currently, there is no timetable on a potential release date for “Iron Claw,” however, speculation is swirling that the movie could be out in either late 2023 or early 2024.

The Von Erich family is known as a legendary bloodline in the world of professional wrestling, having made their biggest impact back in the 1960’s. The “Iron Claw” film will revolve around their story, as well as the tragedy that hit their entire family on a consistent basis.

The dynasty of the Von Erichs would begin when Jack Adkisson, back in the 1950’s and 60’s, played the character of a Nazi to launch his career, with his ring name being Von Erich.

With the Von Erich family, though there is some glory, there is a ton more tragedy. Out of the six sons that Fritz had, five of them died while young, with Kevin being the only one to survive their father. With the oldest son, Jack Barton Adkisson Jr., he would pass away at six-years-old, this after being exposed to a wire that would end up electrocuting him, leading him to drown to death in a puddle.

The third son in David would pass away from a suspected overdose of painkillers, while the fourth, fifth and sixth of Kerry, Mike and Chris would all die by suicide.