YouTube Star Claims Vince McMahon “Loves” Him, Wanted Him On WWE Raw

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According to one of YouTube’s most prominent veterans, Vince McMahon is not only aware of who he is, but wants him on Monday Night Raw.

Comedian Nathan Barnatt has gained a substantial following across social media, particularly on YouTube. After gaining prominence for voicework as well as his dancing and physical comedy skills, he began the channel Dad in 2019, and is most known for portraying that character.

The star is no stranger to the world of combat sports, having a 2-0 boxing record at Creator Clash, and following his latest victory at Creator Clash 2, he took the opportunity to call out Seth Rollins as well as the whole WWE roster, saying that both Vince McMahon and Triple H know who he is.

“I Love Pro Wrestling” – YouTube’s Dad On Wanting To Work In Vince McMahon’s WWE

Speaking in an interview with Fightful, Barnatt opened up about his aspirations to add professional wrestling to his list of accomplishments. He said that a WWE employee watched one of his videos in front of none other than the Executive Chairman of the Board, and McMahon was said to be impressed.

“Vince said himself, ‘I love this guy, we got to get him on Raw,’ that’s the exact quote from a WWE employee who told me he sat there and watched my video with Vince McMahon. Triple H knows who I am, I don’t know how he feels about me, I don’t know how things are working over there now. I want everyone to like me and see how I can work.”

Continuing, the YouTube veteran said he’s made for the world of sports entertainment and wants a chance to try out for the company. He’s trained with WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi in the past, and has worked with GCW in addition to his boxing matches at Creator Clash.

“I feel, everything I’ve done, I’m made to be in WWE. I’m a huge fan of WWE, I’m emotionally connected to WWE. I love pro wrestling in general. I have this thing where I really want to work for them. I need to do this. I belong there. I want to do it. I would be good at it. I just want the tryout. That’s all I want.

“I haven’t done the Indies, obviously, but I feel the past 20 years, I’ve been honing my craft as an actor and a physical comedian, a stuntman, a gymnast, and an entertainer. If Logan Paul is in there, I feel I deserve it more than him. I’ll say that. I’m the guy who really actually wants to be there, and Rikishi has trained me. I’ve done some GCW stuff. I would like to go and be trained by WWE instead of working the Indies, I’ll take what I’ve learned in my craft and apply it to what I’d be taught at the Performance Center.”

h/t Fightful