“You’re The Problem With The Entire Industry Today” – Popular Free Agent Blasts WWE’s Gabe Sapolsky

Gabe Sapolsky

Gabe Sapolsky has come under fire from one of the independent scene’s most popular stars.

Sapolosky began his career in wrestling back in 1993 working with ECW and Paul Heyman. The writer and promotor went on to have a spell with Ring of Honor before becoming Vice President of Dragon Gate USA and founding EVOLVE. During his time with the latter, Sapolsky began working with WWE eventually being released in January 2022, two years after EVOLVE had been shut down, and all assets purchased by the sports entertainment giant.

However, Sapolsky returned to WWE in September 2022 after being rehired by Triple H.

Independent star Effy took aim at Sapolsky on social media after finding out that he was being used as an example of someone who had made themselves a star during seminars. Effy explained that while the comments might have appeared complimentary, he had made himself a success in spite of Sapolsky.

In a video posted to social media, Effy blasted Sapolosky as one of the biggest problems in wrestling and as someone holding indie wrestling down.

“Hi, this is EFFY. I’m a world traveled independent professional wrestler, and recently some things have been brought to my attention that sound complimentary, but I take a little issue with them. Gabe Sapolsky, you’ve been holding seminars online and discussing things about how EFFY is wonderful at branding and selling myself and making money, and of f*cking course I am. But I politely ask that you keep my name out of your f*cking mouth. Because you’re the problem with the entire industry today.

For years at EVOLVE, because you did something good with CM Punk Ring of Honor, you could manipulate and gaslight and carrot dangle and underpay and lie to people about pay and give them T shirts or let them set up your ring for two years and then never really give them opportunities. And most egregiously of all, making more money on seminars than any of those shows ever actually drew on their own ticket making foundation.

You, sir, are the problem with what’s holding indie wrestling down. You, sir, are the creative control that keeps people from having agency over themselves. Of course I’m successful, because I never listened to you.

You tried to stop me from doing things that said would get me blackballed, and I only got bigger and better. And I know you had to run away to sell NFT’s when you got fired for a minute, but now that Triple H has you back, everyone seems to have f*cking forgotten that you are a fraud, a fool, and beyond all the pay issues, I’ve heard all the stories of you yelling and screaming and acting like a petulant child in an environment that should be wonderful, nourishing and uplifting to those that are there.

So if you’d like to hear a real seminar, you can come talk to me, I’m happy to do it. But I imagined that listening to Gabe at this point is probably not your best bet. I’m sorry to go off on a rant but I had to say something because this is the ninth time someone has brought up that Gabe said “EFFY doesn’t like me, but look how good he is.” Well, of f*cking course. I’m not wasting a whole video on him. Tonight at 8pm we will celebrate indie wrestling with positivity with fair pay, with agency over creative control on Monday Not Raw. Twitch.tv/effylives, 8pm. I’ll see you all there.”

Gabe Saplolsky Deletes Reply

Sapolsky shared a response to the video but quickly deleted it. The writer suggested that the claims were “gaslighting.”

“Actually EFFY this is the gaslighting, lies, and great exaggerations. You could have asked me this in person when you waved at me at GCW and I was standing next to you in backstage instead of using me for tribalism marketing now. I give my heart/soul to indies & will always help.”

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