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“Young Bucks Match is Most Important in Tag Team Wrestling History” – FTR

FTR have stated that their upcoming match against The Young Bucks is “the most important match in tag team wrestling history.”

Speaking to Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Dax Harwood certainly did not shy away from the hype surrounding FTR’s upcoming match. He made clear the importance of their match with The Young Bucks and recognises the anticipation from fans:

“This is the match we quit a previous company to have. This is the one we wanted. Over the last five years, people have talked about it, the Bucks have talked about it, we’ve talked about it and this is the culmination of both FTR’s and The Young Bucks’ respective tag team careers and legacies.”

Discussing the importance of the match to tag team wrestling as a whole, Harwood stated that, “We do believe, with all sincerity and with all humility that I can muster up, that this is the most important match in tag team wrestling history.” He went on to explain that he believes AEW can build off of this feud and that FTR hope this will not be the pinnacle of tag team wrestling. Instead, they hope it will be a launching point to take the division to new heights.

Though FTR have a clear desire to face The Young Bucks in “the most important match in tag team wrestling history”, their drive to improve tag team wrestling as a whole is evident throughout the interview. When discussing their offers to stay in WWE, Wheeler explained that the team wanted to improve the wrestling business, which could only be done by leaving:

“Here you have a team of people in this brand new company that’s doing things that nobody thought possible since WCW went out of business. There’s been nothing even close to this, and you have this team in place here, with everyone working together, and they want to better professional wrestling for the people here now and for the future, for generations that are wrestlers to come. So that’s what we wanted to do.”

You can watch the full discussion with FTR and many other interviews on the Inside the Ropes Youtube channel.