Young Bucks Hilariously Respond To Daniel Bryan & CM Punk Rumours

The Young Bucks / CM Punk

The speculation surrounding Daniel Bryan and CM Punk potentially signing for AEW has set the wrestling world alight.

The reports have had fans salivating over the possibilities the signings will do for the promotion, on top of the multitude of dream matches and promo battles that could take place.

While no official word exists, Executive Vice Presidents of AEW Nick and Matt Jackson have updated their Twitter bio regarding the rumours, but with tongue firmly placed in cheek.

On the Young Bucks Twitter account, the bio now reads “Are the rumours true? We just hope they’ll take our finish well.”

The current AEW Tag Team Champions and ‘Super Elite’ members are masters of the Twitter game. Never afraid to blend the worlds of real-life and kayfabe, The Bucks threatened to leave Twitter earlier this year. They trolled Twitter saying they would leave the platform if they see any negative or toxic comments after they turned on Jon Moxley and joined The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega.

Since then their attitude has changed drastically over the last few months and their cocky, over-bearing antics has seen them dominate the entire company.

The Young Bucks, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk have never met in the ring, and if they ever do, then it could be Meltzer Drivers all-round.