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Miro Calls Out Kenny Omega – “You Ran Away Like a Little B***h”

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Miro has called out new AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, after ‘The Cleaner’ deceived All Elite Wrestling and sided with IMPACT Wrestling.

Taking to Twitch following the shocking conclusion to the AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match on December 2, Miro called out the new face of the company for being a traitor and a turncoat in an impassioned video.

“We have a new champion, Kenny Omega. You are on the watch, I’m watching you. You ran away with that title like a little b***h, with a f**king baldheaded guy who got roses all over the ring. Who is that guy anyway? I mean, it doesn’t matter. I would never run away like that. I have never run or hidden from anything in my life. I fight like a man should, or a woman should. Be a man, but do not be a chicken. Do not be coward.”

AEW Dynamite: Winter is Coming ended in shocking fashion when IMPACT Wrestling Executive Vice President helped Kenny Omega defeat Jon Moxley for the company’s top prize.

However, the shocks were not finished there. Following the victory, Callis and Omega fled Daily’s Place in a vehicle telling AEW interviewer Alex Marvez that their actions would be explained on the December 8 IMPACT Wrestling.

While nothing has been confirmed in the way of a storyline defection for Omega, the presence of Callis over the past few weeks and his comments about Omega signing with IMPACT had AEW never came along all make perfect sense in the grand scheme of things.

As of writing, there is not official word on a storyline defection or inter-promotional war between AEW and IMPACT Wrestling. However, an invasion of sorts certainly seems to be on the cards with the actions of December 2 gaining the attention and interest of even the hardest to please fans.

AEW and IMPACT Wrestling are going to be must watch products for the foreseeable future.