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“You Needed One Of Those Gas Masks” – Bruce Prichard On Andre The Giant’s Rancid Farts

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Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, Bruce Prichard, has orated his memories of the rancid farts of the late, great, Andre the Giant.

Having spent ample time around ‘The Eight Wonder of the World’ as announcer, creative mind and legendary on-screen character Brother Love, Bruce Prichard has many stories to tell about the French goliath. However, the thing he remembers most is the ghastly smells that came from the rear end of the man mountain.

Taking to his Something to Wrestle Podcast, Prichard recounted several tales of when Andre would clear a locker room with his excretions and promised that a gas mask was needed in order to stand the trumps:

“Wow. Just f***ing rancid ass. Can you imagine when those gates of hell explode? Andre could clear a room, man, and you didn’t always hear him. They could be silent and deadly. What would happen is you’d see Andre start to move up and down. He would start to chuckle inside and would try to hold it. Right about the time you see him moving, and now, by the way, that’s removing more of that pungent air from underneath his anal cavity. You realize, ‘Uh-oh. The boss just farted.’ It was ugly. You needed a tear gas, one of those gas masks and s**t because it would tear you up.”

Many stories of the great Andre the Giant have been shared on the anniversary week of his passing, including his habit of downing several bottles of wine prior to a bout, his enmity with The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan explaining everything he learned from his dear departed friend.

Andre the Giant passed away on January 27, 1993. In his honour the WWF/WWE Hall of Fame was created in order to make him the inaugural inductee.

Credit for the interview: Something to Wrestle

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone