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“You Don’t Necessarily Have To Do 42 Flips” – Tully Blanchard On How To Get A Match Over

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Former WWF Tag Team Champion, Tully Blanchard, has got technical with his debut for the company stating that not every match needs a plethora of flips to get it over.

In 1988, both Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson shocked the professional wrestling world when the Four Horsemen members jumped ship with very little notice after a severe disagreement with Jim Crockett and booker Dusty Rhodes over their pay in the NWA.

Unable to come to an arrangement, the technical duo agreed upon a deal with the rival World Wrestling Federation and promptly dropped their NWA World Tag Team Championships to The Midnight Express on September 10, 1988, at a live event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

One month later, the pair made their WWF debut as The Brain Busters on the October 22 WWF Superstars in a short victory against Bob Emory and Tommy Angel.

Now, Blanchard has joined the cast of Busted Open Radio to talk about his WWF debut and how he’s shown the bout to several stars, including Shawn Spears, to prove that there’s a way of getting over in a match without doing countless flips:

“Dax Harwood, he sent me a copy of the first match that Arn and I had in 1988 for the WWF… I sent it to Shawn Spears and said that this is the first match that Arn and I had with the WWF, you need to look at the start of this thing and see what we’re doing,’ because Shawn is changing his style. He’s being much more like I used to be, he’s being more aggressive. I think it will be a much better product when it’s finished and he is such a — he loves this business and has been at it for a long time, he works hard and he’s just kind of a treat to be around.

The things that got Dusty over, the things that got Flair over, the things that got The Four Horsemen over, the things that got Animal and Hawk over, those things are pretty common. They don’t really change a lot and if you do the stuff right, you don’t necessarily have to do 42 flips, but nobody’s asked me.”

Though they were only with the company for just over one year, The Brain Busters are widely recognised as one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the company going on to feuds with The Rockers, The Hart Foundation and Demolition who they defeated to capture the WWF Tag Team Championships at Saturday Nights Main Event on July 29, 1987.

Credit for the interview: Busted Open Radio

h/t for the transcription: Fightful