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“You Don’t Have To Know How To Wrestle” – Booker T

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Former five time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T, has opened up about his training of the stars of tomorrow and the advice he gives them.

A renowned and legendary name in professional wrestling, Booker T is a rare breed in that he’s one of the few who have conquered both tag team and singles success.

With brother Stevie Ray as the beloved Harlem Heat, Booker reigned as WCW World Tag Team Champion an impressive eleven times before finding success on his own as WCW United States Champion, six time WCW World Television Champion and standing atop the company’s mountain five times before it’s closure.

His success continued in WWE where he captured the Hardcore Championship twice, the World Tag Team Championship a trifector of times, was a triple time United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion and of course WWE World Heavyweight Champion under the immensely popular gimmick of King Booker.

However, Booker T’s influence and legacy do not stop between the ropes. With his Reality of Wrestling training school and promotion, the legend is able to pass his knowledge onto the next generation of stars and has already churned out top class talent in NXT’s own, Ember Moon.

Now, Booker has sat down with Chris Van Vliet to talk about his training school and the advice he gives students about not needing to know how to wrestle:

“I talk to my students about wrestling, [and] I say, ‘You don’t have to actually know how to wrestle. You just have to act like you know very, very well. You know, just say for instance you’re a guy coming to a hospital lobby, and you got a white coat and a stethoscope around your neck. And you’re clean-cut, and somebody may ask you for your help. But you’re just going to a costume party next door. You know, I say if you look the role and play the role, somebody will look at you as the role.

So for me, I never took karate, but I looked at a lot of karate movies, so you know, that’s what my wrestling style came from. Muhammad Ali was my favorite, so I knew how to act like I could box you know, even though I wasn’t a boxer. So you just have to put yourself in the moment and believe in yourself.”

Currently, Booker T can be seen every month as one of the regular hosts of WWE’s pay-per-view kickoff shows and heard weekly on his popular Hall of Fame Podcast.

Credit for the interview: Chris Van Vliet

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone