“Y’all Think I Suck” – WWE Star Hits Back At Recent Fan Criticism

Dana Brooke and other WWE stars

After finding opportunities limited on WWE’s main roster, Dana Brooke has headed to NXT in recent weeks in a bid to rediscover her spark.

The move has seen her compete in a Battle Royal to decide a new number one contender for the Women’s Title and more recently lock horns with Cora Jade. In her match against Jade on June 20th, Brooke was booed despite playing the role of valiant babyface who refused to be stretchered out of the match. In the end, Jade won via referee’s stoppage with Brooke trapped in a single-leg Boston Crab refusing to tap out.

Again, while the spot would usually earn sympathy, fans chanted “tap” and cheered when Jade was declared the winner. Things weren’t much better on social media where a number of fans were highly critical of her performance.

In response to the criticism, Brooke responded on social media by writing:

“Alright I get it, y’all think I suck….Got it, NOTED, Awesome….. &…..”

When Did Dana Brooke Join WWE?

Dana Brooke signed with WWE in 2013 after a short career as a bodybuilder. The star immediately joined up with NXT before moving to Monday Night Raw in 2016. After a brief stint on SmackDown in 2019, Brooke moved back to Raw in 2020 and began teaming with Mandy Rose.

The team enjoyed some success and challenged for the Women’s Tag Team Titles on multiple occasions, although they weren’t able to win the gold. The team eventually broke up and Brooke reverted to appearing in more comedic skits where she won the 24/7 Title on 15 occasions.