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Xia Brookside Recalls Managing Gangrel As A Child

Gangrel & Xia Brookside

Xia Brookside has recalled managing Attitude Era favourite Gangrel at an independent wrestling show when she was still a young teenager.

Posting on social media, NXT UK Superstar Xia Brookside has recalled managing Gangrel at an independent wrestling event in the UK. To make the story even more bizarre, Brookside was only a child at the time.

In sharing a photo to mark the eighth anniversary of the moment, Brookside said she walked the Attitude Era star to the ring at an All Star Wrestling (AWS) show before she started wrestling.

Gangrel later replied to the tweet, writing, “Tremendous, I remember this like it was yesterday, what a journey.”

Xia Brookside is the daughter of British wrestling legend Robbie Brookside. A year after her appearance Gangrel, Brookside began her in-ring career with All Star Wrestling in August 2015. She went on to appear for Revolution Pro Wrestling, ICW and Stardom before heading to WWE in 2018.

Brookside was a contestant in the second Mae Young Classic where she lost in the opening round to Io Shirai. She was later signed to NXT UK, where she has clashed with the likes of Kay Lee Ray, Killer Kelly and Meiko Satomura. Her most recent outing coming on February 24th when she was defeated by Amale.

Early in his career, Gangrel spent time in the WWF, ECW and WCW before returning to the WWF in 1998 as the vampire leader of The Brood. He became known for his theatrical entrance which involved drinking from a goblet of ‘blood.’

The star returned to the independent scene in 2001 upon being released.