Xavier Woods Reveals Incredible Story Behind His WWE Gear

Xavier Woods entrance

Xavier Woods has revealed the unorthodox story behind the creation of his WWE ring gear.

Alongside the rest of the New Day Xavier Woods has become known for incorporating his non-wrestling interests into his ring gear.

In recent months, Woods and Kofi Kingston paid tribute to their friend Big E with their gear at WrestleMania 38, while they wore Marvel-based Thor and Loki outfits on the September 2nd edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

In a post on social media, Woods may have now revealed how he came up with some of his more famous creations.

Woods was responding to a Tweet from AEW star Nyla Rose who praised wrestlers for using ‘Create-A-Wrestler’ in WWE videogames to design their ring gear. Rose described the piece of ingenuity as “genius.”

“YOOOOO i just saw that someone out there used CAW to design gear and sent screenshots to their gear maker. I know this SEEMS like I’m clowning them, but I’m not! This is GENIUS!!!! A great example of thinking outside the box and using every tool to help elevate yourself”

Responding to the post, Woods said that was how he designed his gear for a number of years.

“This was how I designed my gear for years [laughing emoji]”

In recent weeks Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have been locked in a feud with the Viking Raiders. However, things haven’t gone quite to plan for the New Day duo who were defeated in a Viking Rules Match on September 2nd.

The pair were most recently in action on the September 5th episode of Monday Night Raw in a Fatal-Four-Way tag team match. Although before the match could reach it’s conclusion, everyone involved was attacked by a returning Braun Strowman.