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Xavier Woods Reveals His Favourite Wrestling Game Of All Time

Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods has recently revealed his favourite professional wrestling game of all time, placing the honour on ‘Fire Pro Wrestling World’.

Woods, who is no stranger to video games, recently appeared on gaming channel G4TV to discuss all things wrestling games. When discussing the perfect wrestling video games, Woods outlined the personal specifications he needs to make a game as fun and engaging as possible:

“I want the game to be as fun as humanly possible. That’s the point of video games to me. The bottom line is fun, regardless of what it looks like. I like for [the game] to have good mechanics, it doesn’t have to feel like I’m actually wrestling, I don’t need it to be realistic and all that stuff. As long as I can throw somebody over the ropes and dive out on them and can dress my guy how I want because create-a-wrestler is beyond important to me.”

Xavier Woods has made a name for himself not only inside the ring, but also in the world of video games with hisYouTube Channel channel, UpUpDownDown. The channel often features various WWE Superstars battling it out on on the likes of Tekken, Madden and WWE 2K games, and has amassed and incredible 2.24 million subscribers.

When asked about his favourite wrestling game of all time, Woods pointed out the 2017 release, Fire Pro Wrestling World:

“It won out for me because it has a crazy create-a-wrestler, it has GM mode, it has the most moves on any wrestling game. It’s crisp 2D in a 3D space with the camera moving as well. All the reasons all the other games are good [Fire Pro] wraps it up into one game.”

Fire Pro Wrestling World is the latest in a long line of games for the series. This particular addition featured the New Japan Pro-Wrestling roster, as well as create and GM modes. Woods would also point at Saturday Night Slam Masters, WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF No Mercy and SmackDown vs. Raw as stand out wrestling games. Notably, Xavier Woods would face Fire Pro Wrestling World cover star Kenny Omega at E3 in 2018. The WWE star would challenge the current AEW World Champion to a battle of the joysticks on Street Fighter V.

Xavier Woods himself has appeared in a number of pro wrestling games. First appearing in 2008’s ‘TNA Impact!: Cross the Line’ as Consequence Creed, Woods has also appeared in ever 2K WWE release since WWE 2K15. Although not officially confirmed, it is more than likely he will appear in the recently announced WWE 2K22, which was teased over WrestleMania 37 weekend, with a subsequent trailer release shortly after. This will mark the first addition to the series since the critically panned WWE 2K20, which suffered massive critical backlash due to its many bugs and glitches.

h/t Fightful for the transcription