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Xavier Woods On King Of The Ring – “I Was Made For This Tournament”

Xavier Woods

Speaking in a new video posted on social media, Xavier Woods has revealed that the King of the Ring tournament is the reason that he got into the wrestling business.

During the most recent episode of SmackDown it was confirmed that King of the Ring would be returning on October 8th. Not only that, a new tournament featuring WWE’s female Superstars titled Queen’s Crown will also get underway on the same show.

It was initially reported back in August that the King of the Ring tournament would be returning for the first time since 2019. While plans for the first ever Queen’s Crown, originally believed to be called Queen of the Ring, were reported in July.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Xavier Woods explained what the tournament means to him.

“You probably think that you understand what the King of the Ring means to me,”

“There’s no way for me to make you feel what I actually feel knowing that this tournament is coming back. This is the reason that I got into wrestling in the first place. This is the reason why at 17 years old, I took a job at a day-care to pay for wrestling school, to pay for gas to drive up and down the east coast wrestling four, five nights a week while still going to school. I was made for this tournament.

“The only reason that I would ever learn a skill or a craft is so that I could eventually be tested on it. So my purpose is this test. This test is King of the Ring. Me becoming king is inevitable. I speak my truth into existence every single time. And so when I wear that crown upon my head, the streets will be full of children throwing candy, singing my praises and they will all say, ‘Hail King Woods.”

At time of writing no participants have officially been named for the tournament which is set to begin on the upcoming episode of SmackDown.

The King Of The Ring tournament was originally created back in the late 1980’s. The tournaments were held at regular house show events and went untelevised. During this spell, winners included Randy Savage and Harley Race.

The tournament later became a special show in it’s own right in 1993, with Bret Hart triumphing in the final. The show was then broadcast annually until 2002. Notable winners include Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. The tournament was revived in 2005, but took place mainly across WWE’s regular programming.

The King Of The Ring pay-per-view was briefly brought back in 2015, which saw the crowning of “King Barrett,” but has not not appeared since. The last recognised King Of The Ring winner was Baron Corbin who was crowned king on the September 16th 2019 episode of Monday Night RAW.

H/t to Wrestle Zone for the transcription.