Xavier Woods Shows Off New Final Fantasy & Mega Man Inspired-Tattoo

Xavier Woods Tattoo

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods took to Twitter to show off his new brand-new tattoo inspired by his love for the Final Fantasy and Mega Man video game franchises!

The eye-catching design, a blend of Capcom’s Megaman and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy, runs along Woods’ right tricep – which the 2021 King of the Ring proudly showed off to his followers.

The tattoo design is of an upright Buster sword, an oversized weapon usually larger than its wielder, made famous by the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII Cloud. On the sword’s pommel, there is a helmet made famous by Megaman from the game series of the same name.

“Been moving around the world a good bit and haven’t given y’all a real look at this yet! Done by @inkbypnut #megaman #finalFantasy”

Woods, aka Austin Creed, is synonymous with gaming. A G4TV host and creator of the YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown, with over 2.29 million subscribers, Woods’ tattoo is a proud sign of his fandom.

A 2020 partnership between Gears of War and WWE had Xavier Woods and his tag partners, Kofi Kingston and Big E, appear as playable characters in the game. They would wear their in-game outfits to the ring, including a special ‘geared’ trombone for Woods.

Woods has also worn Mortal Kombat themed ring gear, playing Sub-Zero to Kofi Kingston’s Scorpion.

UpUpDownDown is often filmed backstage at Smackdown, so it is not uncommon to see other wrestlers, like Ricochet or the Usos, joining in the fun, though Woods insists the UpUpDownDown universe is separate from WWE.

Lately, Xavier Woods has feuding with Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch, who recently adopted the name Brawling Brutes for their collective, alongside his New Day partner Kofi Kingston on SmackDown.