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Xavier Woods Eyes King Of The Ring Return

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New Day member and WWE Raw Tag Team Champion, Xavier Woods, has advocated the return of one of WWE’s most popular concepts, King of the Ring.

King of the Ring was once a staple of WWE’s pay-per-view calendar from 1993 to 2002 until it disappeared from view and returned several years later as a television special. Prior to it’s inception as a legitimate event, it was a WWF house show special in the eighties and early nineties.

Winners of the historic tournament would generally be hand picked for greater things and more often than not would be inserted into the WWF Championship picture as was the case with Owen Hart (1994), King Mabel (1995), Kurt Angle (2000) and Brock Lesnar (2002), while others were either former world champions in their own right, Bret Hart (1993), or were made into legitimate singles stars by the tournament, Steve Austin (1996) and Edge (2001).

However, the concept didn’t always benefit the careers of its recipients. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (1997) was already an established singles star when he triumphed and the win didn’t truly elevate him beyond Intercontinental Championship level, while Ken Shamrock (1998) and Billy Gunn (1999) were a waste of a winner for many.

Other winners, Harley Race (1986), Booker T (2006), William Regal (2008), Sheamus (2010), Wade Barrett (2015) and Baron Corbin (2019) all ran with the gimmick and used the name to do something with their stagnating careers.

Don Muraco (1985), Randy Savage (1987), Ted DiBiase (1988), Tito Santana (1989) and Bret Hart (1991) didn’t.

Now, Xavier Woods has spoken to WWE’s The Bump about his wish to see the tournament return and triumph as King Xavier before he hangs up his joypad for good:

“Here’s the thing – the rules of wrestling are always evolving. We’re not sure when King of the Ring is going to be coming back. We’re not sure if it even is going to come back. But as my good friend Kofi Kingston instilled into me, he said, ‘Keep your blades sharp; you’re never sure on when you’ll have to go into battle.’ So I’m making it known in every form possible that I want to be King of the Ring. Do you know why?

Because for a long time, I put out into the universe that The New Day would become the Tag Team Champions and we did. Because for a long time, I put out into the universe that Kofi would become the Heavyweight Champion and he did. So, what happens now? I want to be the King of the Ring, and before I leave the company, if a tournament arises, I will become the King of the Ring.”

Xavier Woods was recently announced as the new host of the G4 gaming television channel. A role he will occupy when the channel returns in 2021.

Credit for the interview: WWE’s The Bump

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.