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Xavier Woods Pays Emotional Tribute To Tyler Breeze During KOTR Win

Xavier Woods crowned King of the Ring

Xavier Woods paid an emotional tribute to former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze as he was crowned King of the Ring at WWE Crown Jewel.

At WWE Crown Jewel, Xavier Woods achieved his life-long dream and was crowned King of the Ring after defeating Finn Balor.

As Woods arrived at the top of the ramp after claiming victory, he sat on his new throne and complete with crown and sceptre. With fireworks exploding around the stadium, a fired-up and emotional Woods yelled a tribute to a friend and former WWE Superstar.

During the celebration Woods could be heard screaming “This is for you Breeze!” in reference to his long-time friend Tyler Breeze.

Speaking to the New York Post after the show Woods again gave his friend a shout out. Reflecting on the win, Woods first revealed that he was greeted by Big E as he walked back through the curtain.

“I got to see E. Kofi unfortunately was not here, but I’ll see him very, very soon. E’s match was next, so yeah, just waiting there with a big old hug and his heavyweight title around his waist ready to go out and do some damage. It was fantastic to be able to see him. There really was like one other person I wish was here and he knows I’m thinking about him.”

When asked who he was thinking about, Woods confirmed it was Tyler Breeze before explaining the bond that exists between the two men.

“That’s my guy. We were in developmental all the way together. We lived together. We were like attached at the hip for so long and everything that I’ve done in my career he’s been there and was right next to me when I did everything. I was there next to him and when did everything. That’s somebody that I wish was able to be here and share this with me. But I’m going to go call him right now after I go call the family. Call the wife and kids, let them know they’re royalty, too.”

Tyler Breeze signed with WWE in 2010, initially competing in Florida Championship Wrestling which would later become NXT. Over the course of the next decade Breeze won the NXT Tag Team Championships before being released in June 2021.