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X Pac Reveals How Much He Was Paid For WrestleMania X


WWE Hall of Famer X Pac has opened up about how much he was paid for his WrestleMania X match, which was cut.

X-Pac had been originally set for a Ten-Man Tag Team Match alongside the Smoking Gunns, Tatanka, and Thurman “Sparky” Plugg vs. The Headshrinkers, Jeff Jarrett, Irwin R Schyster and Rick Martel. However, the match would end up being moved to RAW after WrestleMania, on March 21st, 1994.

Despite not appearing on the actual show, the D-Generation X man revealed he was paid $10,000 – despite his match being pulled.

X-Pac recently revealed the incredible news that he is cleared from hepatitis and will undergo surgery to repair an ACL injury ahead of a potential in-ring return.

“I could [do a regular schedule], I don’t know if I want to. I’ve probably got half a dozen good, hard matches in me. When I tore my ACL, I’ve had some really good matches, even with that. I just want to get it fixed, it’s not that I can’t have matches with it. If I’m going to do a last run, I want that to be [fixed].”

Meanwhile, there was huge praise for Waltman from Eric Bischoff, who claimed X Pac got D-Generation X more over than Triple H and Shawn Michaels ever did.