WWE’s Top Merchandise Sellers Revealed

WWE's Top Merchandise Sellers Revealed

Top WWE merchandise sellers for Payback have been revealed.

Payback proved to be a resounding success, with fans eagerly purchasing merchandise to support their favourite superstars and WWE reporting an 182% increase in merchandise sales. According to a report from Fightful Select, the rankings for merch sales have been revealed, shedding light on the popularity of various items.

Unsurprisingly, generic WWE merchandise dominated the list, including Payback and WWE-branded shirts, briefcases, and title belts. The sheer versatility of these items ensured their top placement, as one title belt can equate to the sales of multiple superstar shirts.

Who Was The Number One WWE Merch Seller At Payback?

An interesting development in the rankings was the emergence of Cody Rhodes as the top-selling individual talent. Rhodes surpassed the likes of John Cena, who secured the second spot among individual talent. This is a remarkable achievement considering Cena’s consistent popularity and the strong numbers his merchandise usually generates, especially when new items are released.

Fans of LA Knight also had cause for celebration. At the live event, he landed at an impressive third place among individual superstars in terms of merch sales. Previously, a significant portion of Knight’s sales were made online and through Fanatics. However, WWE has made a concerted effort to ensure that his merchandise is readily available at live shows, resulting in increased sales and visibility for the promising talent.

Meanwhile, at the AEW All In show, another catchphrase took the merchandise market by storm. “Better than you Baybay” emerged as a top seller.