WWE Seemingly Declare They Are Wrestling, Not Sports Entertainment

WWE SummerSlam 2022 crowd

With Vince McMahon out and Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, WWE rebrands from World Wrestling [Sports] Entertainment back to World Wrestling Entertainment!

Under Vince McMahon, WWE was promoted almost exclusively as a sports entertainment product, rather than a professional wrestling show. With McMahon now gone from his WWE executive duties, however, this is set to change.

The company’s official Twitter account tweeted on Thursday evening, simply saying the world, ‘wrestling’. This is entirely unlike WWE, both in terms of branding themselves as wrestling, and the way in which they made use of social media.

It had been reported previously that Triple H would be promoting pro wrestling over sports entertainment moving forward, changing the trajectory of the company. Jerry Jarrett, a legendary promoter in his own right, revealed this during a Q&A session in North Carolina:

“They didn’t tell me not to tell anybody. So I’ll tell you, Hunter called, this week, the Raw crew and the Smackdown crew and said, ‘My father-in-law and Stephanie’s father…We admire him and we respect him. He reached success that we would never know without him, but we don’t know how to do it his way, and we’re not going to try. We’re going to try a new way’…and I think the new way is to put wrestling instead of sports entertainment. I mean, that’s pure speculation on my part.”

This has been made abundantly clear over the past month, with WWE’s weekly programming now becoming almost a joy to watch. Matches involving the likes of Ciampa, Chad Gable, and Dolph Ziggler have been produced as wrestling contests, rather than sports entertainment outings, with a clear difference.

H/T to PWInsider.