WWE Pitched Mega WrestleMania Showdown Between Steve Austin And Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin. The dream match that never was.

In mid-2002 Lesnar was beginning his rise to superstardom via victory in the King of the Ring tournament. On the way to that victory, it was pitched that he face Steve Austin in a qualifying match on Raw. A battle between WWE’s fastest-rising star and one of the biggest Superstars in history would have been box office. However, without any significant build or storyline behind the potential match, and Steve Austin already disillusioned with his creative direction, the Texas Rattlesnake famously walked out on WWE and the match never happened.

WWE Pitched Steve Austin To Face Brock Lesnar Not Roman Reigns

However, it seems that over two decades later, WWE are still trying to get the two men in the ring. After it was reported that the company had pitched a WrestleMania 39 match between Austin and Roman Reigns, a new report has claimed otherwise. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the pitch was actually for a match with Lesnar, although it won’t actually take place.

“The match that was pitched was not Roman Reigns, it was Brock Lesnar. But as you can tell pretty much by the show tonight, it’s not happening.

It’s not on, I mean something could happen now and I guess this has been talked about probably for months. I know that when that Brock Lesnar/GUNTHER thing came up, I was told immediately that that’s not happening or that’s not the idea right now. Maybe it’s gonna happen now but the idea was something that was secret. Austin was that secret.

The match is not on and it looks like it’s gonna be Lesnar with Lashley based on the show tonight (3oth anniversary of Raw). I don’t have that confirmed as a WrestleMania match. Obviously, they would likely both be in the Rumble and probably feud. Whether that means Montreal (at Elimination Chamber) or WrestleMania I don’t know but it feels like it’s something to do with WrestleMania.

As far as Roman Reigns, I don’t know but I figure whatever Reigns’ situation will be, we’ll know on Saturday night based on who wins the Rumble.”

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE on the 30th anniversary special of Monday Night Raw where he attacked Bobby Lashley. The Beast hadn’t been seen in a WWE ring since defeating Lashley at Crown Jewel back in November.

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