WWE WrestleMania 39 Announce Team Confirmed

WWE announcer Michael Cole

WrestleMania week is WWE’s biggest spectacle, drawing in fans from across the world to see the company’s top stars compete on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

For fans watching at home, however, commentary is an essential part of WrestleMania weekend, and longtime WWE veteran Michael Cole recently confirmed who will be alongside him in the commentary booth on both April 1st and April 2nd.

Speaking in a new interview on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, Cole confirmed that he and Raw announcer Corey Graves will be calling both nights of action.

“I’m calling the entire show (WrestleMania 39). Corey Graves and I, we’ll call the entire show both nights.”

The revelation comes as little surprise as Nick Khan recently confirmed that there are no plans to bring in fan favorite Pat McAfee for the event, despite him having made a surprise return at the Royal Rumble in January.

“I Don’t Want To Be A Shell Of Myself” – Michael Cole Opened Up About His WWE Future

Earlier in the conversation, Cole spoke about his plans for the future, saying that while he’d like to reach 30 years as a commentator, he plans to retire before he “slips.”

“People ask me all the time, ‘How long you gonna do this for?’ I’ll tell you one thing, 30 years would be a really cool goal. That’s four years from now but I can promise you this, I will get out before I slip.

“I’m not gonna be — and no disrespect to anyone else, I’m not gonna be a 75, 80-year-old man doing this week in and week out. I’ve busted my ass, I’ve made a really good living and I wanna be able to get out while the going’s good and still be able to enjoy the rest of my life and I don’t wanna be a shell of myself. I don’t wanna be that, ‘My God, he used to be good. He’s not good anymore.’ I don’t wanna be that person.”

h/t POST Wrestling