WWE Veteran Was Almost Run Over By “Wild” Steve Austin

Steve Austin

Throughout his WWE Hall of Fame career, Stone Cold Steve Austin was known to drive a variety of vehicles to add to his chaotic appearances inside the squared circle.

On the September 28, 1998 episode of Monday Night Raw, Austin took part in one of his most iconic segments when he drove a zamboni to the ring to confront Vince McMahon inside the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI. McMahon had vacated the WWE Championship after The Undertaker and Kane both pinned Austin at Breakdown: In Your House, and he determined that the Brothers of Destruction would face off against one another to crown the new champion.

However, Steve Austin was enraged by this decision, and made an entrance like no other when he drove a zamboni not just to ringside, but also hit the ring itself. He then attacked Vince McMahon to the delight of the Michigan crowd.

Steve Austin Nearly Ran Over Bruce Prichard On His Way To The Ring On A Zamboni

Speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, longtime WWE executive Bruce Prichard revealed that due to the production staff putting up curtains in front of Austin prior to his entrance, the Texas Rattlesnake couldn’t see where he was going while driving the zamboni, and he nearly ran over Prichard on the way to the ring.

“Well who knew that in rehearsal, they were gonna put curtains up so that the curtains could blind him (Stone Cold Steve Austin) and he wouldn’t know where the hell he was going. Plus he was wild as can be anyway.

“If you look real closely, you’ll see before Steve goes out into the audience and goes through the last bit of curtains where there’s a table and one person standing behind that table, that’s me. Almost getting killed by the Zamboni because Steve couldn’t see where he was going and almost ran me into the wall, ran me over with the Zamboni.

“But instead, it just pinned me against the wall and all was okay. But it was insanity and that became the, ‘Okay, what can Steve drive to the ring? And what can Steve drive that’s gonna be a holy sh*t moment?’ You run out of ‘em pretty quick when you try to do it every week. But that was the beginning, that was the start.”

h/t POST Wrestling