WWE Veteran Hilariously Recalls Being Mistaken For Paul Heyman’s Son

Paul Heyman stands backstage at WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2022

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz has remembered a time prior to WrestleMania X-Seven he was mistaken – as the son of Paul Heyman!

Gewirtz spent a lengthy period of time with the company, serving as a writer and consultant for the company before he officially departed in 2015. One of his roles away from his official duties, however, involved taking Heyman suit shopping in 2001 for WrestleMania X-Seven.

As he revealed on an exclusive for AdFreeShows, Brian Gewirtz was mistaken by the salesperson as Heyman’s son while shopping together:

“This was like WrestleMania 17, and Paul Heyman was doing commentary in Houston for WrestleMania, and he wanted to get his tuxedo and some Chick-fil-A. So he kind of said, ‘You’re coming with me.’ We went to the suit store, and Paul was trying out his tuxedo or whatever, and this salesperson said, ‘Your dad is really going to like this tuxedo’ [laughs].

And I’m like, ‘Paul is eight years older than me.’ I don’t think he is going to necessarily like the dad reference. But you know, Paul looked older than he was, and I looked younger than I was. So I guess it was bound to happen.”

Paul Heyman provided commentary for the whole of WrestleMania X-Seven alongside Jim Ross, bar the Gimmick Battle Royal; the legendary Bobby Heenan and Gene Okerlund donned the headset for that bout.

Brian Gewirtz worked with the company for around two decades, beginning on the writing team in the early 2000s and working his way up to a head writer position, a role he abruptly lost when Vince McMahon fired him during a live October 2012 Raw broadcast. Gewirtz left altogether in 2015, joining The Rock’s production company.

Gewirtz’s new book – There’s Just One Problem… – is scheduled to hit shelves on Tuesday. This will take a step behind the scenes into Brian’s life as Vince McMahon’s head writer.

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