WWE Unveil 15 New Signings As Part Of Latest Performance Center Class


Last week, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced that they have signed 15 new talents, with numerous different athletes being a part of the company’s Fall 2022 intake that will be headed to the WWE Performance Center.

The new group of signees fits WWE‘s mold of what they’re doing with their developmental system, choosing prospects without any experience of professional wrestling that they can create into television stars. Involved in this new batch of WWE signings are former football players, track and field stars and cheerleaders as well.

WWE Announced 15 New Signings To Join Their Developmental System

On their official website, World Wrestling Entertainment has a brief write-up featured on the latest intake into the WWE Performance Center. Also featured on the web page is a video introducing the new signees in front of a live audience, with the promotion going through each individual athlete.

Earlier this year, WWE held tryouts in Nashville, Tennessee prior to their SummerSlam Premium Live Event. With the new batch of signings that the company just landed, the strong majority of them came from those tryouts. The only person who didn’t come from the SummerSlam pre-event was Monika Klisara, who used to internationally represent Canada in karate. Her tryout took place in Dallas, Texas during WrestleMania 38 weekend.

The complete list of World Wrestling Entertainment’s new signees is as follows:

  • Beau Morris – (Football. Offensive Lineman – SMU)
  • Kevin Ventura-Cortes (Football. Tight End – Concordia University)
  • Hayden Pittman (Football. Tight End – University of Alabama)
  • Alivia Ash (Track and Field – New Brunswick, New Jersey)
  • Skylor Clinton (Football. Tight End – Professional Indoor Football League and Northern Arizona University)
  • Franki Strefling (Professional Volleyball player)
  • Chukwusom Enekwechi (Shotput – Eastern Michigan University)
  • Harleigh White (Track and Field – Clemson University)
  • Rickssen Opont (Haitian National shotput record holder)
  • Lea Mitchell (Three-time MVP gymnast – Michigan State University)
  • Anna Keefer (Track and Field. Five-time NCAA All-American – UNC)
  • Kennedy Cummins (Cheerleading – University of Minnesota)
  • Breanna Ruggiero (Tumbling and acrobat athlete – Sacramento State University)
  • Jade Gentile (Professional soccer player in Iceland)
  • Monika Klisara (represented Team Canada in karate)

H/T Figure Four Online/The Wrestling Observer