WWE Universe Spots Error With Natalya’s World Record


Natalya was recently presented with three official documents from the Guinness World Records, but eagle-eyed fans have spotted an error in printing.

The three-time WWE champion is also one of the most tenured performers in company history. This has led to her earning certain Guinness World Records, the documents for which she received this week.

While the documents for most pay-per-view appearances and most matches correctly state them being achieved in Arlington, Texas, the wrong state is listed on the certificate for most victories. Greensboro, South Carolina is listed instead of Greensboro, North Carolina. The mistake was spotted by WWE fans in response to Natalya’s tweet:

“Hi this Bob. These arrived in the post this morning, and Natalya is far too modest to post these, so she paid me to do it for her. She also pays me to chant ‘NAT OWNS THE MAT’ sometimes when she’s down. Anyways, here are the official @GWR documents!”

Natalya’s first Guinness World Record victory came last November, when she earned her 641st career victory in WWE. As for the records for most matches and most pay-per-view appearances, the Neidhart daughter picked these up at WrestleMania 38 when she challenged for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Signing with WWE in January 2007, ‘The B.O.A.T’ made her televised debut in April 2008, instantly forging an alliance with Victoria. She’s since held the Divas, SmackDown Women’s, and Women’s Tag Team Championships once apiece, while being voted the twenty-best female Superstar in company history.