WWE United States Championship Match Set For SummerSlam


Sheamus will defend his United States Championship against Damian Priest at SummerSlam.

On the August 9th episode of Monday Night RAW Sheamus defeated Ricochet in a non-title match. During the bout, Ricochet hit a stunning springboard cross-body to put Sheamus through the announce table.

However, the Irishman regained his composure, catching the high-flyer with a headbutt as he came off the top rope. This led to a Brogue Kick and the victory for Sheamus.

As the champion celebrated, Damian Priest came to the ring to get in his face. Sheamus tried to sneak in a cheap shot but Priest saw it coming. After Sheamus left the ring, Priest overcame John Morrison in his scheduled match.

After the clash, Priest went to confront Miz at ringside. As Priest went face to face with Miz the former WWE Champion rose from his wheelchair. After realising that his ruse was up a shocked Miz ran to the back.

After claiming victory, Priest had some choice words for Sheamus, calling him a bully. Sheamus returned to the ramp and Priest challenged him to a match at the biggest part of the summer. As the two went back and forth, Morrison attempted to get some revenge on Priest but was quickly dispatched with a Brogue Kick.

Priest warned Sheamus that he would get the same at SummerSlam.

August 9th also saw the return to the red brand of Randy Orton for the first time in seven weeks. Orton arrived in the ring to open the show but was quickly joined by Riddle. As The Viper rebuffed Riddle’s affections, the RAW Tag Team Champions arrived to stir the pot.

This led to AJ Styles challenging Orton in the main event. As Orton accepted he attempted an RKO on Omos before being thrown out of the ring. Riddle tried to get in an RKO of his own as Orton retreated, but only ended up with Chokeslam for his troubles.