WWE Tried To Buy Iconic Raw Prop For $60,000

Kurt Angle Steve Austin WWE Raw

Kurt Angle dousing The Alliance with milk on a 2001 episode of Raw is one of the most iconic moments in the Olympic gold medalist’s career, and the milk truck’s owner recently turned down a huge money offer from WWE.

August 20, 2001 saw WWE in the midst of its invasion storyline after Vince McMahon purchased WCW the previous March. Then-WWF Champion Steve Austin found himself on the side of The Alliance, and Kurt Angle firmly represented WWE. The previous night at SummerSlam, Angle defeated Austin by disqualification, so while he earned a win in the record books, he failed to capture the championship.

Members of The Alliance gathered in the ring for Stone Cold Appreciation Night, but their celebration was thwarted when Angle drove a milk truck into the arena and doused The Alliance in homage to Austin’s infamous beer baths.

The Owner Of Kurt Angle’s Milk Truck Refused To Sell The Truck To WWE

Speaking on a recent episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Angle spoke about WWE’s attempt to purchase the truck after tracking down its owner as part of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures.

“We offered this guy sixty grand for his truck and he said no. It was crazy, man. Not everybody agrees to give away their stuff. Some people say no.”

Continuing, Angle revealed that the owner uses the famous truck for parades, and members of his community have grown attached to it. The emotional investment caused the owner to turn down the $60,000 offer despite Angle estimating the truck’s value at around $5,000.

“When I did that on the episode of RAW, that truck became famous because it was used on WWE television, so they started using it for all these parades. This truck became the famous milk truck that was on RAW with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle, so the guy grew really attached to it, so do the people in the community, so they use it for six parades a year and he didn’t wanna give it up.”

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