WWE To Partner With USA Network For New Kids TV Show

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WWE is reportedly looking to add a new show to its slate of programming on USA Network.

The two companies have a three-decade-old broadcasting partnership and USA Network is currently the US home of both Raw and NXT.

According to WrestleVotes, the new joint show will see kids taking on wrestlers in a “trivia challenge”. It is set to be named “WWE Tall vs Small”.

“I’m hearing there is a new joint show in the works between WWE & USA Network where kids will compete with Superstars in a trivia challenge, currently titled “WWE Tall vs Small”.”

The move to create a series aimed at kids comes soon after Nick Khan spoke about the possibility of “tweaking” the third hour of Raw to allow edgier content than we have seen during the PG Era of the last 15 years.

This isn’t the only new TV project the sports entertainment giant is working on as their broadcast rights deals come up for renewal.

WWE and ESPN in talks

A recent report from PWInsider revealed that WWE and ESPN have “renewed discussions” about future projects. While the talks don’t relate to a weekly TV series, the two have been in early conversations about what they could do together.

The companies previously worked together in 2020 when ESPN began airing classic WWE content including older WrestleMania events. However, the partnership ended when the WWE Network became exclusive to Peacock the following year.

More recently, the network sent UFC icon Daniel Cormier to WrestleMania 39 for their coverage and interviews.