WWE To Feature “Much Less 50/50 Booking”

WWE logo over roster

A new report has offered a glimpse at what life in WWE might be like with Triple H as Head of Creative.

With Vince McMahon retiring from his duties within WWE, a new era is slowly sparking to life.

One area which has caused some excitement among fans in the appointment of Triple H as Head of Creative. The Game had previously worked heavily with NXT on the creative end, which coincided with the brand’s boom period.

This has naturally led fans to wonder whether a similar style of booking and storytelling will now be coming to the main roster. There has also been huge speculation around whether any of the stars Triple H worked with on the black and gold brand could now rise to the top of the company as a whole.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offered an insight into the changes that could be on the way. Meltzer notes that there will be an increase in long-term storytelling, more investment in younger talent and less 50/50 booking. The latter in particular has been a bone of contention among WWE’s fan base for a number of years.

“Regarding what changes are expected to take place, what is expected is more long term storylines, more investment in younger talent, and much less 50/50 booking. The belief was that he was more of a proponent of women’s wrestling than McMahon, as shown by the changing of how women were taught to wrestle and the new style being implemented in NXT and getting over there well before it was brought to the main roster.”

It has previously been reported that Triple H is looking to make a “creative splash” at SummerSlam, WWE’s first major event since he assumed his role in creative.

Interestingly, the card for the summer spectacular has already undergone some changes. On July 27th, WWE announced that the planned match between Seth Rollins and Riddle had been postponed due to an injury to Riddle. It was later revealed that the injury was purely for storyline, and the match now might take place at Clash At The Castle.

After Rollins released a statement on social media about the cancellation, Triple H replied, hinting that he may still be in action at SummerSlam.