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WWE TLC 2020 Results

Graphic for Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns at WWE TLC 2020 - WWE TLC results

Keep up with all of tonight’s WWE TLC results as the show emanates from the WWE ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as the final WWE PPV of 2020!

Check out the results from the TLC go-home episodes of RAW and SmackDown!

The results from WWE TLC 2020 were as follows:

  • Big E, Daniel Bryan, Otis & Chad Gable defeated Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall (8:35 – Kick-Off)
  • DrewMcIntyre (c)defeated AJ Styles & The Miz via Grabbing The Belt to retain the WWE Championship (27:05)
  • SashaBanks (c) defeated Carmella via Submission to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship (12:10)
  • The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin) defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (c) via Pinfall to win the RAW Tag Team Championships (10:00)
  • Asuka & Charlotte Flair defeated Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) via Pinfall to win the Women’s Tag Team Championship (10:05)
  • Roman Reigns (c) defeated Kevin Owens via Grabbing The Belt to retain the Universal Championship (24:45)
  • Randy Orton defeated ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt via Setting The Fiend Alight (12:00)

Big E, Daniel Bryan, Otis & Chad Gable defeat Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall in 8:35 (Kick-Off)

  • We see a recap of The Sami Awards from SmackDown as Sami brings his awards to the ring in an ode to Owen Hart. Corbin & Big E start off at a stalemate with both being of equal power.
  • Cesaro & Bryan tag in and Nakamura hits Bryan from ringside behind the referee’s back to give the heel the advantage.
  • The heels beat down Bryan until Bryan manages to hit a missle dropkick on Corbin and tag in Otis, who dominates over Nakamura. Meanwhile, Big E is continually distracted by Zayn at ringside.
  • Otis and Gable attempt a tag combination but Nakamura counters, allowing him and Cesaro to hit a Kinshasa/Powerbomb combination for a near-fall.
  • Everyone hits everyone with their finishers before Zayn and Big E tag in. Zayn attempts the Helluva Kick, but E counters with an Urange and hits the Big Ending to pin the Intercontinental Champion!

Analysis: Fun, harmless kick-off match that finally gave Big E a reason to challenge Zayn whilst also giving Bryan, Otis & Gable all a chance to shine! Didn’t get to see much at all between Big E & Zayn during this match, which is hopefully a good sign that they’ll have a great title match next month at Royal Rumble!

Drew McIntyre defeats AJ Styles and The Miz via grabbing the belt to retain the WWE Championship in 27:05

  • We see a recap of Drew and AJ’s feud as AJ makes his entrance alongside Omos.
  • AJ goes after McIntyre’s left knee immediately and McIntyre goes for the Claymore early but AJ counters with a corner-assisted kick before being chopped to the outside of the ring by the champion.
  • McIntyre drags AJ back in the ring with a ladder and starts climbing it but AJ takes him down with a chair shot to his knee. AJ takes the ladder down and attempts a Styles Clash onto it, but Drew counters into the Future Shock DDT.
  • AJ continues to focus on the champion’s knee after both get up, trapping it in a ladder and chair whilst locking in the Calf Crusher. McIntyre breaks the 2nd Calf Crusher by driving AJ’s head into the ladder.
  • AJ managed to hit a Phenomenal Forearm before Omos brought a ladder in from the outside. AJ started to climb but McIntyre lifted him into a Gorilla Press before slamming him through a table on the outside.
  • McIntyre almost got his hands on the championship, but The Miz and John Morrison ran out and powerbombed him through a table before cashing in his Money In The Bank contract, making the match a triple threat.
  • Miz almost gets the title, but Omos grabs him and drops him through a table on the outside. Morrison tries to take out Omos with a chair, but it does nothing and Omos chases Morrison out of the arena.
  • AJ and Drew got back up and fought on top of the ladder before Miz set up a ladder of his own. All three men fall off and get back up the ladder before Drew pushed AJ off one ladder to the outside and knocked Miz off the other to grab the belt and retain.

Analysis: Fantastic opener that was a blast to watch! McIntyre and AJ did took full advantage of the brutality the TLC stipulation allows before Miz and Morrison interfered, allowing Miz to officially cash-in his Money In The Bank Contract and make the match a triple threat. What proceeded was one of the most-nailbiting close closing moments of any match this year with there being multiple moments where I thought each man would win. Drew ultimately retained though and takes the championship into 2021 and unless he loses at Royal Rumble, it looks like he’ll be defending the title at the show he initially won it at!

Sasha Banks defeats Carmella via Submission to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship in 12:10

  • Carmella immediately rolls to the outside as the bell rings, adjusting her tights in a very obvious attempt at mind games toward the champion.
  • Carmella eventually got back in the ring but Sasha threw her back to the outside but was caught by her assistant Reginald, who proceeded to throw the challenger into the champion.
  • Both get back in the ring and ended up on the apron. Banks tried for the Backstabber but Carmella rolled through and slammed Banks back-first onto the apron.
  • Carmella tries for a Superkick but Carmella kicked her into the corner and hit a double knee strike. The champion then hit the Three Amigos and a Frog Splash but Carmella still kicked out.
  • Banks attempted a tilt-a-whirl manoeuvre on Carmella but the challenger countered with a Spike Facebuster, with Sasha kicked out of.
  • The two ended up brawling in the corner, with Carmella attempting a top rope hurricanrana but Sasha rolled through into a roll-up.
  • Carmella managed to lock in the Code of Silence but Banks escaped before locking in the Banks Statement. Reginald drags Carmella out the ring but Sasha retaliates with a Meteroa to Carmella’s servant.
  • Carmella then hit two Superkicks before rolling the champion into the ring for a pinfall attempt but Sasha kicked out.
  • Carmella brought Sasha to her feet which allowed the champion to transition into the Bank Statement to pick up the win!

Analysis: Another great match to keep the momentum of the show going and BY FAR, the best in-ring performance we’ve ever seen from Carmella. I don’t know if she’s just been focusing on improving her in-ring skills or if her recent gimmick change has given her some newfound confidence, but she seemed so much smoother than usual in this match-up! To the surprise of no one though, Sasha retained and takes her title into next year – I would be against a rematch between these two, however!

The Hurt Business defeat The New Day via Pinfall to win the RAW Tag Team Championships in 10:00

  • Before the match, Charly Caruso asked New Day how this match’d be different from their previous title defence. Kofi said it won’t be and Xavier says they have no ceilings because they are ‘Big Match New Day’.
  • New Day started off strong with Kofi hitting an immediate superkick followed by a top rope leg drop from Xavier, both for near-falls.
  • Benjamin tags in and has a much more even time again the champions, hitting a knee strike before throwing Xavier headfirst into the bottom turnbuckle before tagging in Alexander.
  • The Hurt Business continue to tag in and out whilst focusing on Xavier’s neck and keeping him isolated from Kofi. Woods eventually managed to knock down Alexander and tag in Kofi.
  • Kofi tries the Boom Drop on Benjamin, who counters into a powerbomb position and attempts a tag combination with Alexander. Kofi counters though, rolling off Benjamin’s shoulders into a double stomp before hitting the SOS on Alexander for a near-fall.
  • Benjamin takes down Kofi and sets up for Paydirt but Alexander tags himself in and hits a Lumbar Check to topple New Day and win the RAW Tag Team Championships!

Analysis: Another great match adding to an already brilliant show! This was a quick-fire, fast-paced match all throughout with neither team letting the opposite have a moment to rest. Alexander’s new aggressive streak almost cost Hurt Business but ultimately was the deciding factor in securing the team their first RAW Tag Team Championships! Glad we’re getting someone other than New Day heading into Rumble season, though I suspect New Day will be looking to regain their titles next month!

Asuka & Charlotte Flair defeat Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via Pinfall to win the Women’s Tag Team Championships in 10:05

  • The returning Charlotte Flair was revealed as Asuka’s mystery partner, replacing Lana who was injured by Nia & Shayna last Monday! We see Ric Flair watching from backstage throughout the match.
  • Asuka and Shayna battled back and forth before the Empress tagged in the Queen, who took a shot at Nia as she hit Shayna. Shayna then tagged in Nia, who brawled with Charlotte before Asuka was tagged back in.
  • Nia and Shayna beat down on Asuka and focused on her arm to keep her away from Charlotte. Jax eventually took Asuka to the outside, throwing her into the ring post and barricade arm-first.
  • Asuka tries to regain control with a series of kicks, but Shayna catches one of them and trips the RAW Women’s Champion before throwing her to the outside with Nia.
  • Asuka eventually pushes Shayna aside long enough to tag in Charlotte, who gets a near-fall on Nia with a big boot. Shayna pulls Nia to the outside, but Charlotte cuts them off with a moonsault.
  • Charlotte and Shayna get back in the ring and Baszler tries for the Kirafuda Clutch, but Charlotte counters and locks in the Figure 8, which Nia breaks up.
  • Asuka takes down Nia on the outside, allowing Charlotte to hit the Natural Selection on Baszler to win the Women’s Tag Team Championship!

Analysis: Good match with the perhaps unsurprising reveal of Charlotte Flair being Asuka’s partner, though a surprising outcome with the Queen and Empress picking up the Women’s Tag Team Championships! Charlotte’s return and her wanting revenge on Nia dominated the story of the match, leading to quite an even contest between the four women. Charlotte becomes the fourth Women’s Grand Slam Champion in WWE history, having now won the RAW, SmackDown, NXT and Tag Team Championships! I wouldn’t expect these two to take the titles as far as WrestleMania but it gives Charlotte a major spot right off the bat.

Roman Reigns defeats Kevin Owens via grabbing the belt to retain the Universal Championship in 24:45

  • Owens doesn’t even wait for his entrance, rushing the ring whilst the title was being raised to beat down Reigns. Owens dragged Reigns to the outside and drove him into some steel steps before hitting a frog splash to the outside!
  • Owens continued beating Reigns with a steel chair, with Jey Uso attempts to interfere but Owens caught his leg with the chair. As Jey got helped out by some ringside trainers, Reigns hit a drive-by dropkick.
  • Both men got back in the ring and Reigns retaliated against the challenger with a ladder and chair. Owens regained control momentarily and tried to powerbomb Reigns into some upright chairs, but Reigns countered and flipped Owens into them instead.
  • Reigns set up a ladder and attempted to climb for the belt, but Owens brought him back to the ring with several chair shots before driving Reigns through an upright chair with a Fisherman’s Suplex.
  • Owens almost grabbed the championship, but Jey Uso reappeared and brought him down before Reigns hit a Superman Punch. Uso brought in two tables and set one upright and the other against the corner of the ring.
  • Reigns tried to whip Owens into a Superkick from Jey, but Owens hit a Superkick of his own to Jey before delivering a Stunner to the Universal Champion!
  • Owens brought Jey to the outside and drove him through the announcers’ table with a Pop-Up Powerbomb before burying him under the debris on the outside.
  • Owens and Reigns both got back in the ring and Reigns took control, slamming Owens into the ladders multiple times before putting the challenger through a table on the outside.
  • Reigns got back in the ring and climbed for the championship but Owens clung onto the bottom of the ladder, making Reigns come back down. Reigns taunted Owens by calling him embarrassing before Owens slapped the champion – who speared Owens through a table in response.
  • Owens got back up on the outside but sidestepped a second spear from Reigns, who drove himself through the barricade. Owens nearly grabbed the title but Reigns caught him and threw him into the upright ladder.
  • Owens stunned the Tribal Chief with 2 Superkicks and hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb through a table. Owens climbed again but Jey Uso stopped him before Owens
  • Roman ascended the ladder once more and hit a low blow on Owens before locking in the Guillotine choke to incapacitate Owens before grabbing the title.

Analysis: Another fantastic TLC match with Owens going toe-to-toe with the Tribal Chief, at times even without the stipulation. This is perhaps the closest Reigns has ever come to losing – as even in the Drew match there was only one spot where it looked like he could have been pinned – whereas Owens nearly grabbed the title several times. If not for Uso’s interference, Owens would have dethroned the Tribal Chief and I’m curious to see if that gets brought into the story. Another rivalry where I wouldn’t mind see this continue onto the Rumble!

Randy Orton defeats The Fiend via setting The Fiend alight in 12:00

  • The two stare each other down and Orton tries to hit some lightning-quick strikes but The Fiend simply laughs at his opponent.
  • The Fiend finally retaliates and beats Orton down before attempting Sister Abigail early. Orton counters into a dropkick but The Fiend regains control.
  • The two brawl back and forth before the Fiend finally hits Sister Abigail. Orton rolls out the ring and Fiend raises his arms, causing most of ringside to catch fire.
  • The two move to the outside and The Fiend hits Orton over the back with a strap before setting it on fire and just barely missing Orton with it.
  • The Fiend brings out his old rocking chair and gasoline, dousing the chair in it and creating a trail before pushing Orton into it. The Fiend sets the trail alight but Orton jumps out the way at the last second.
  • Orton regains control with a chain and almost sets the Fiend on fire by putting him face-first into some flames at ringside but The Fiend escapes.
  • The two brawl on the outside and Orton attempts an RKO, but The Fiend counters into the Mandible Claw and tries to drag Orton in the flames. Orton turns it around and the Fiend is set on fire but runs back into the ring, where Orton hits an RKO.
  • The Fiend lies motionless and Orton hesitates before going to get the gasoline canister before pouring gasoline all over The Fiend. Orton lights a match and SETS THE FIEND ON FIRE.
  • The show closes with Orton posing as the Fiend’s body burns.

Analysis: This is gonna be one that divides people for sure. Personally, I loved this and thought the visual of the Fiend’s body slowly burning away with Orton posing in the background was one of the best visuals WWE have ever pulled off. Is it gimmicky sports entertainment fluff? Yes. Was the match itself memorable compared to the finish? Not really, no. But will this make people tune into RAW tomorrow? Absolutely.

And that was WWE TLC 2020!

Personally, I thought that was the best WWE PPV top-to-bottom of the entire year – shows with crowds included! TLC had everything: Great matches that all approached their in-ring stories in a different way, two great title changes, a satisfying return, great stipulation matches all-round… oh, and LITERAL MURDER!

The lowest point of the night was probably the Women’s Tag Team Championship match but even that was great in terms of in-ring action, which is a good sign for the rest of the show if a great match is the low point. The Firefly Inferno is definitely gonna divide people and either secure the show as a contender for PPV of the year or leave a bad taste in your mouth, but for me personally, it was 100% the former.

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