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WWE ThunderDome Invaded By Pigeons

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE may have two major hurdles to overcome in moving WWE ThunderDome to Tropicana Field.

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer reports that WWE’s newest home has been invaded by pigeons and they show no sign of vacating any time soon.

As per the report, a flock of pigeons have nested in the rafters of Tropicana Field and while this may not seem like a pressing issue, fans who attend home games of Tampa Bay Rays will attest to the fact that the birds regularly swoop down and disturb games.

This will cause a headache for WWE, who do not want a weekly television outing or even a grand spectacle like the Royal Rumble Match being halted by the invasion of pigeons.

Away from the winged intruders, Meltzer also noted that a second, less pressing issue could arise from WWE’s habitation of the impressive building.

With the stadium being so vast in size, it is believed that production are going to have their work cut out in order to stop promos, entrance music and the sound of bodies hitting the mat bouncing off of the vast walls.

Though not as vital as being divebombed by pigeons on live television, WWE will not want their product to sound anything less than perfect. However, it is noted that it may take them several weeks in order to get the acoustics correct.

As of the December 11 WWE Friday Night SmackDown, the company are due to make the forty thousand plus capacity stadium the new home for WWE ThunderDome. The switch from Amway Center will also allow them to invite live audiences back to television and pay-per-view.

This will be a bonus for the promotion, as they can once again re-create the buzz and hype for the upcoming Royal Rumble and have people present for WrestleMania in March.