WWE Talent Fears About Vince McMahon “Unfounded”

Vince McMahon

Following his retirement in July amidst allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money payments, Vince McMahon shocked the world once more when he announced in early January that he would be electing himself back onto the Board of Directors in order to facilitate a sale of the company.

Days later, his daughter Stephanie McMahon, who had been appointed co-CEO of the company alongside Nick Khan in the wake of her father’s retirement, announced her resignation, leaving Nick Khan as sole CEO. Moments after Stephanie’s resignation was announced, the company released a press release revealing that Vince McMahon had been unanimously elected Chairman of the Board.

Days later, Stephanie McMahon, who had been made co-CEO of the company alongside Nick Khan when her father retired, announced her resignation from WWE. Moments after her resignation became public knowledge, the company sent out a press release announcing that Vince McMahon had been unanimously elected Chairman of the Board. However, Triple H remains in creative control as Chief Content Officer.

New Report Debunks Talent Fears Over Vince McMahon’s Return To WWE Creative

Earlier today, it was reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful that one WWE talent had reached out with the belief that Vince McMahon had returned to creative duties in WWE. He also made it clear that he was unable to confirm this belief. This news came shortly after a report from PWInsider that backstage morale within the company has been falling despite recent successes, partially due to fears surrounding uncertainty about a sale.

However, in an update, Sean Ross Sapp stated that sources with knowledge of the situation have called talent fears surrounding McMahon’s return to creative “unfounded.”

“Sources within WWE that would be in the position to know tell Fightful Select that these fears are unfounded. We couldn’t get any confirmations on those talent’s fears, as noted in the original post. HHH has been open that Vince has input, and is been adamant to talent that HHH has final say.”

It was recently reported that Vince McMahon has input on the storyline between Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns that led to their confrontation at the Elimination Chamber on February 18th. Though Sami had proven himself loyal to The Bloodline for months, things came to a head when he hit Roman Reigns in the back with a chair at the Royal Rumble, leading to a title match in Montreal, QC that saw fans heartbroken when Zayn failed to pick up the victory.