WWE Talent Believes Vince McMahon Is Back In Creative

Vince McMahon Triple H thumbs up backstage

In July of 2022, Vince McMahon shocked the world when he announced his retirement from WWE. The announcement came amidst a federal investigation into alleged sexual misconduct and hush money payments.

In the wake of his retirement, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were named co-CEO’s of the company while Triple H took over as both head of creative and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. His job title was later upgraded to Chief Content Officer.

However, the wrestling world was in for another shock in January of 2023 when McMahon announced that, despite morale being higher backstage after his departure and the WWE Board of Directors rejecting his offer to return in December, he was electing himself back to the Board in order to help facilitate a sale of the company. As majority shareholder, he was also electing former co-Presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios, meaning that three board members were to be removed to make room.

Days later, Stephanie McMahon announced her resignation from the company, leaving Nick Khan as sole CEO. Moments after Stephanie’s resignation was made public, a press release revealed that Vince McMahon had been unanimously elected Chairman of the Board.

Is Vince McMahon Back In WWE Creative?

With the political landscape of the company in such upheaval, speculation immediately began regarding just how much power Vince McMahon would take back following his return. The company adamantly insisted that Triple H retained complete creative control and that McMahon’s return was limited to facilitating the sale of the sports entertainment giant.

However, a recent report indicated that McMahon has input on the storyline between Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns that led to their confrontation at the Elimination Chamber on February 18th. Though Sami had proven himself loyal to The Bloodline for months, things came to a head when he hit Roman Reigns in the back with a chair at the Royal Rumble, leading to a title match in Montreal, QC that saw fans heartbroken when Zayn failed to pick up the victory.

Now, a new report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful states that one WWE talent has reached out with the belief that Vince McMahon is back in creative.

“This week, a WWE talent reached out and told me they believed Vince McMahon was back in creative. I couldn’t get it confirmed at all, but on today’s http://FightfulSelect.com List Goes On (4 PM EST), I’ll discuss what they told me. Also, List & Ya Boy is back today at 3 EST!”

Elaborating on List and Ya Boy, Sapp said that the talent in question is one on a “good contract” and would certainly have knowledge of the situation. He also made it clear that he’s been unable to confirm whether or not McMahon is indeed back in creative, but that his source believes it to be true.