WWE Talent Admits Women’s Tag Team Division “Has Never Really Caught Fire”

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WWE’s women’s tag team division has existed for about four years. In that time, the women’s tag titles have changed hands eighteen times and many different teams have defended the titles. However, there just doesn’t appear to have been any sustained effort into making either those titles or the division they represent into something meaningful.

This isn’t a new argument; many fans and figures within the wrestling business itself have noted that the women’s tag division hasn’t been given much prominence or attention. In fact, the only time in the past year when the WWE Women’s Tag Titles were mentioned regularly was during the Sasha Bank/Naomi departure situation.

Even internally in WWE, some people have noticed the limitations of the women’s tag team division. One of those people is Corey Graves, who spoke on the matter on his After The Bell podcast.

WWE’s Corey Graves theorizes that women’s tag division wasn’t taken seriously due to lack of cohesive teams

In this discussion, Graves admitted that the division was lacking, but his reasoning was because most of the teams competing for or defending the titles were thrown-together teams instead of two-woman acts.

“I’m probably going to catch hell for this, it’s never really caught fire. It’s never been a strong division. It’s sort of been an amalgam of thrown together tag teams. ‘I’m going to team with this person tonight, we have a tag title match we didn’t win, okay, time to get a new partner.’

It’s always been very transient and constantly in flux. I’m talking the entire existence of the titles, since the very beginning. Liv and Raquel [the current champions] could be a duo who have what it takes to solidify the division and maybe sit on top for a while and maybe inspire some other superstars who aren’t getting the opportunities they so desire right now, who want more TV time, who want promo time, but they’re not getting it for whatever reason.

Maybe somebody sitting backstage or in catering or a couple people sitting in NXT are going, ‘You know what, let me make a run for this.’ We haven’t had a serious, full-time tag team in my recollection.

The IIconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) are the closest we had to hold the titles because they were a full-time act together. The rest have sort of been, ‘Hey, be my partner. Okay, we’ll have a little run, okay, onto the next.’ Everything feels temporary. Raquel and Liv could be very good for the division.”

Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan won the Women’s Tag Team Titles on the April 10th edition of RAW after Trish Stratus filled in for an injured Lita in a scheduled tag team title defense alongside Becky Lynch.

h/t Fightful for the transcription