WWE Survivor Series Results

WWE Survivor Series Results

WWE Survivor Series Results will be updated live throughout the show, so make sure to check back for the latest results as they happen.

Emanating live from the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida –WWE presents the 34th annual Survivor Series PPV and we find out who will emerge as the Best of the Best.

Already announced for tonight’s PPV:

WWE Survivor Series Pre-Show/Kick-off Show results:

  • The Gobbledy Gooker pins R-Truth to become WWE 24/7 Champion on his 30th anniversary.
  • The Survivor Series Pre-Show Battle Royal is won by The Miz, who lastly eliminated Dominik Mysterio.
  • RAW lead SmackDown 1-0 overall.

WWE Survivor Series results for the [main show]will be updated here as the main show begins at 00:00 GMT.

Team Raw [Styles, Riddle, Strowman, Sheamus and Lee] defeat Team Smackdown [Kevin Owens, Otis, Jey Uso, King Corbin and Seth Rollins] 5-0 in 18:11.

RAW lead SmackDown 2-0 overall.

  • Keith Lee debuts a new theme, featuring himself on vocals.
  • Paul Heyman is shown watching the match, and specifically Jey Uso, backstage.
  • Captain Styles and Jey Uso start things off as they exchange his speed strikes and reversal sequences.
  • Uso gets a close near-fall over the Team RAW captain via a European Roll-Up.
  • SmackDown dominate in early exchanges, isolating and working over Riddle.
  • Seth Rollins states “The greater-good before” dropping to his knees allowing Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick.
  • Sheamus eliminates Seth Rollins (RAW lead SmackDown 5-4).
  • RAW begin to gain momentum as they finally click and begin to work as a team.
  • A big deal is made of a face-off between Keith Lee and Otis.
  • Kevin Owens introduces Team RAW to Stunermania.
  • Styles connects with the Phenomenal Forearm to eliminate Kevin Owens (RAW lead SmackDown 5-3).
  • Riddle connects with the Brosault onto King Corbin to eliminate him shortly after Owen’s elimination (RAW lead SmackDown 5-2).
  • Team RAW begin to breakdown as Sheamus refuses to listen to the instructions of his team-mates.
  • Otis and Jey Uso remain for Team SmackDown vs. A full Team RAW.
  • The former Mr.Money in the Bank defies the odds, powerslamming Strowman and connecting with The Caterpillar.
  • Strowman however connects with the Running Powerslam to eliminate Otis (RAW lead SmackDown 5-1).
  • The Associate saves Styles from elimination at the hands of Jey Uso.
  • Jey Uso goes on a powerful run to avoid elimination immediately.
  • Keith Lee catches Uso with a mid-air Spirit Bomb, Jey Uso is eliminated (Raw are victorious 5-0).
  • Shortly after the match, Reigns banishes his failure [Jey Uso] from ‘his’ arena.

Analysis: Lots of great moments of character introduced throughout this match, none more important than the debut of a new theme for Keith Lee. Limitless Lee is an incredible performer however, it has been a negative mark on his call-up and it’s now dealt with and we can move on with his run. Otis implementing a variety of Gable-esque offence as a result of attending Alpha Academy is an excellent acknowledgement of SmackDown’s weekly programming. The main takeaway here is Team RAW’s clean sweep of SmackDown, from a story perspective this somewhat makes sense as RAW had a much more clear hierarchy and got on the same page much quicker. Additionally, Rollins self sacrifice put SmackDown on the back-foot immediately and it was too much for them to recover from. Uso as the last man for SmackDown was a great touch because it is sure to feed into his story with ‘The Tribal Chief’ later tonight.

The Street Profits defeat The New Day via pinfall in 13:11.

RAW lead SmackDown 2-1 overall.

  • Xavier and Kofi and joined by Big E as they make their entrance in full Gears of War attire.
  • Prior to the match, The Street Profits run us through the career of The Undertaker.
  • This segment features a vocal rendition of Shawn Michael’s iconic WWE theme.
  • Early on the match is broken down into two pairings, Xavier vs his friend of nearly a decade, Angelo Dawkins and Kofi Kingston vs Montez Ford.
  • The former WWE Champion his a risky float over suicide dive to the outside onto both members of The Street Profits.
  • Although the match starts as friendly competition with a heavy focus on the respect between the teams, it slowly devolves into a heated affair between two teams competing to be the best [of the best…].
  • Dawkins is given a great opportunity to shine getting lots of high spots in against Xavier Woods, including a truly spectacular Spinning Double Under-hook Neck-breaker.
  • Our first near-fall of the match as Kingston and Woods connect with The Midnight Hour onto Montez Ford.
  • Kingston hits three Boom Drops in a row onto Ford, but refuses to go for the pin instead setting up for the Trouble in Paradise.
  • Despite connecting with a [as always] spectacular frog splash, Ford is unable to take advantage due to injuries to the ribs sustained early in the match.
  • Montez Ford hits Kingston with a Trouble in Paradise of his own.
  • Utilising a bling tag to their advantage, The Street Profits connect with the Doomsday Blockbuster to pick up the win.

Analysis: The character moments in this match were wonderful, I was unaware of Woods and Dawkins friendship however commentary did an excellent job of informing me and it played into the matches story well. The lovely moments of respect between The New Day and The Street Profits made this feel important and must see even if it did undermine the whole concept of ‘Brand Supremacy’. The match itself did slightly underwhelm me personally, when I think of what both teams are capable of at their best, it simply feels like this didn’t reach those heights. It is possible that the lack of any true stakes or a identifiable dispute between teams prevented it reaching its highest level.

Bobby Lashley (w/ The Hurt Business) defeats Sami Zayn via submission in 7:11.

RAW lead SmackDown 3-1.

  • Bobby Lashley is accompanied to ring by the entire Hurt Business.
  • Sami Zayn attempts to get a DQ victory by encouraging Shelton Benjamin to strike him.
  • The United States Champion dominates the majority of the opening exchanges, as Zayn in unable to focus his attention away from The Hurt Business on the outside.
  • We get a throw back to the ever infamous Lashley’s sisters storyline, as Sami Zayn complains about vertigo at the hands of Lashley’s delayed Suplex.
  • Cedric Alexander nearly falls victim to Zayn’s mind games, as MVP has to stop the former Cruiserweight Champion striking Zayn and costing them the match.
  • The Intercontinental Champion attempts to pick up the victory via count-out as he focuses on keeping Lashley outside the ring.
  • Whilst complaining to the referee, Zayn is caught by Bobby Lashley in The Hurt Lock and taps out immediately.
  • Zayn attempts to call for a DQ victory, claiming he was tripped by MVP.

Analysis: This was flat, there was nothing particularly to this. Zayn attempted to save the segment with some comedic character moments, however, unlike the teams in our previous match this instead felt desperate and unpleasant. This match featured very little wrestling which appears to be a constant in Zayn’s run since his return, which is extremely disappointing given he is one of the best pure performers on the WWE roster. The one note that may continue from this segment is the seemingly slow build towards Lashley vs Alexander. Cedric was pinned last week on RAW to cost his team a ticket to Survivor Series and his rash attitude and inexperience nearly cost The Hurt Business tonight.

Sasha Banks defeats Asuka via pinfall in 13:01.

Raw lead SmackDown 3-2.

  • Commentary are very quick to inform us that Sasha Banks has never defeated Asuka in singles action.
  • Focus is drawn to the fact that neither competitor has their most recent tag team partner with them this time [Bayley and Kairi Sane]
  • ‘The Boss’ locks in a Bank Statement early on however Asuka is quick to escape.
  • Great submission exchange between both champions as they exchange Ankle Locks back and forth.
  • Asuka implements a much more technical style than the striking focused offence that we are used to seeing from ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’.
  • A Hip-Attack on the apron takes ‘The Boss’ down for a eight count on the outside.
  • The match has it’s physicality turned up around the ten minute mark as both champions kick it up to the next gear.
  • Both competitors are nearly counted out as well get to a nine count at ringside.
  • As the match picks up speed, Sasha catches Asuka with a quick roll up to defeat Asuka for the first time in singles competition.

Analysis: The similarities between this match and The New Day vs The Street Profits is plentiful. Both matches featured a clear and concise underlying story, but both also lacked the true intensity and build required to take it to an ‘excellent’ level. This match additionally never kicked into that top gear and therefore, left me wanting to see more. Asuka is struggling at the moment, partially due to the weakness of the RAW’s women’s division and the focus being pushed exclusively on the RAW Women’s Survivor Series Team. I am glad that WWE kept Bayley and Sasha apart as this feud should be pushed aside until the Rumble leading to one last match [for a while] at WrestleMania. I don’t know who is next for Asuka on RAW as the talent pool around her hasn’t focused prominently in a singles manner for the last six weeks, at least. If the rumours of Rhea Ripley making her way to the main roster are true then I would love to see the Nightmare dethrone Asuka tomorrow night.

Team Raw (Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce and Lana) defeat Team SmackDown (Bianca Belair, Natalya, Bayley, Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan), 1-0 with Lana as the sole survivor.

RAW lead SmackDown 4-2 overall.

  • A large amount of the build to this match is focused on the Lana Chronicle and her issues with Nia Jax.
  • Every single competitor in this match has wrestled in NXT.
  • Commentary put over the fact that yesterday was the anniversary of the formation of ‘The Riott Squad’.
  • In a mirror image of the Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match, Team SmackDown illustrate tremendous camaraderie and focus whilst Team RAW are unable to get on the same page.
  • Team RAW vocally agree NOT to tag Lana in, at any cost.
  • Graves refers to Royce’s offence as a Perfect 10, a subtle nod to her relationship with Shawn Spears.
  • Liv Morgan and Peyton Royce have a beautiful exchanging before both competitors are taken down with stereo clotheslines.
  • Lana tags herself in, much to her teams dismay, and faces-off against mentor and former friend Natalya.
  • Team RAW bully Lana into standing on the steel steps and facing away from the match, as she begins to cry.
  • Belair pays homage to The Undertaker via a vintage Snake-Eyes onto Royce.
  • SuperPlex to outside from Royce onto Bayley, crashing into everyone [except Lana, who remains on the steel steps] at ringside.
  • Peyton Royce hits Deja Vu onto Bayley to pickup the pinfall elimination (RAW lead 5-4).
  • The BOAT of SmackDown attempts to lock in a Surfboard Stretch onto Royce however miscommunication leads to the move breaking down.
  • Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter to eliminate Peyton Royce (SmackDown tie Raw 4-4).
  • Lacey Evans connects with a Women’s Right onto Natalya to pickup the pinfall (RAW lead SmackDown 4-3).
  • Belair pays tribute to Beth Phoenix with a Glam Slam onto Evans.
  • Evans and Belair go high risk, pulling out a spectacular top rope Spanish Fly.
  • The Riott Squad show their tag team prowess, using the five count after tags to isolate and work over the much larger Nia Jax.
  • At this point Lana, is still, on the steel steps.
  • Ruby Riott reverses a Rear Naked Choke into a roll-up however Jax distracts the referee and Riott passes out at the hands of Baszler.
  • Shayna Baszler eliminates Ruby Riott via pinfall (RAW lead SmackDown 4-2).
  • Invigorated by seeing her friend pass out again a the hands of Baszler, Morgan fires up and takes down everyone around her.
  • Liv Morgan pins Lacey Evans following a Crucifix Bomb (RAW lead SmackDown 3-2).
  • We get a classic defiant giant spot as Jax absorbs all of Morgans offence before rising up to strike her down with the Samoan Drop.
  • Nia Jax eliminates Liv Morgan via pinfall (Raw lead SmackDown 3-1)/
  • We finally get the spotlight moment on Bianca Belair, the former NXT Superstar utilises her extreme speed and freakish athletic ability to run rings around Jax and keep herself alive.
  • Baszler counters a handspring from Belair into the Rear-Naked Choke, however the SmackDown Superstar is able to rise to her feet and reach the ropes.
  • Shayna Baszler gets herself disqualified after refusing to break the submission hold whilst Belair had her hand on the ropes (RAW leads SmackDown 2-1).
  • Nia and Jax are brawling around ringside as the Samoan attempts to put the EST through a table.
  • Nia Jax and Bianca Belair are eliminated via count-out (RAW is victorious 1-0)
  • Lana is the Sole Survivor for Team RAW.

Analysis: This match suffered from one very clear issue, a lot of the focus was on revisiting lots of previous storylines and that’s usually great. However, all these revisited stories are so fresh that they don’t feel like well thought out throwbacks and homages but rather coincidental altercations as a result of a division that was only separated by the brand split two months ago. On this same show we have a built towards The Miz revisiting a circumstance he found himself in a decade ago, this would feel much less important if it was a scenario he was in eight-weeks ago. Belair, who is arguably the most talented performer in the match was not given nearly enough time to shine. Peyton Royce was given a massive rub in eliminating Bayley and hopefully this is the start of further development for the former IICONIC. Lana is the sole survivor which I would have been against, however, it was done in the perfect way. Lana, did absolutely nothing. She was a victor of circumstance, and although weak as an in-ring performer, Lana is a very capable promo. This victory gives Lana the ability to talk trash tomorrow night which will almost certainly lead to a segment which will set up her vs Nia in a Tables Match at TLC which The Ravashing Russian will win, closing this story once and for all.

Roman Reigns defeats Drew McIntyre via TKO in 23:45.

RAW defeats SmackDown 4-3 overall [3-3 excluding the pre-show].

  • The placement of this match confirms, as speculated, that Undertaker’s farewell will rightfully main event Survivor Series.
  • McIntyre enters in the Kilt and Claymore gear that debuted on Monday Night Raw last week.
  • Samoa Joe on commentary, someone that could very much take issue with Reign’s claims of being ‘The Tribal Chief’.
  • Michael Cole is quick to remind us that The Miz could take advantage at any point, and cash in on either competitor.
  • Drew does not shy away from Roman and engages in his mind games early on.
  • ‘The Scottish Psychopath’ is presented as the dominant physical force early on, with ‘The Tribal Chief’ thrown off by the Scotsman’s superior power and explosiveness.
  • The match features a very clear slow and methodical approach, very 1980’s WWF style main event with both competitors taking time to engage in sophisticated psychological story-telling and in-ring character development.
  • As the match goes longer, Reigns begins to illustrate his building fatigue which plays into McIntyre’s ability to swing the pendulum of momentum into his favour.
  • Incredibly close near-fall for McIntyre as he catches the Universal Champion in a European Float-Over Cradle pinfall.
  • The matches physicality kicks up another gear as the two behemoths brawl around ringside utilising the steel steps and ring posts to their advantage.
  • McIntyre floats over a neck-breaker attempt into the Future Shock DDT, but it can only achieves a two-count.
  • The Universal Champion counters a Claymore attempt with a Superman Punch to knock the RAW representative off his feet, and his game.
  • McIntyre utilises some brand new offence, countering a spear attempt into a incredible float under Kimura Arm Bar utilising Reign’s own momentum against him.
  • After not one, but two attempts, Reigns buts McIntyre through the announce table with a Samoan Drop before sitting on the apron in a very Ciampa-esque manner.
  • A brutal Spear through the barricade follows, leading to an incredibly close near-fall with McIntyre kicking out at 2.9999
  • McIntyre connects with the Claymore Kick however the referee is knocked out on the process preventing McIntyre from taking advantage.
  • Whilst the referee is down Jey Uso comes out to interfere and attack McIntyre, a low block from Reigns and Superkick from Uso leads to a barrage of offensive from Reigns including the signature Guillotine Choke.
  • McIntyre is unable to fight off the choke and Reigns picks up the victory via TKO in an absolute war.
  • Despite McIntyre being incapacitated The Miz does not cash-in.

Analysis: This main event is sure to divide fans in a manner akin to the wars between Ciampa and Gargano. The match kept in in first gear for a good ten to fifteen minutes to build the story and underlying motif of the match, and I can appreciate this and enjoy it. However, some fans may find this too slow and desire a faster based approach to the match. In many ways this is Lesnar vs Reigns but with Reigns taking the role previously played by The Beast. I am usually a fan of faster paced and more high risk match ups, however this was an absolutely incredible war in my opinion. This was the definition of big match feel, and I cannot help but think that The Undertaker who will be saying goodbye in the main event, will look at a match like this with pride in his eyes and knowledge in his heart that WWE is in safe hands. The rumours moving forward for both competitors are very exciting with Reigns set to face-off with Daniel Bryan and McIntyre set to battle The Fiend moving forward, the main event scene of both RAW and SmackDown are set to be excellent. Although from a character POV, The Miz not cashing in is questionable, however I feel this match and watch this match was a tribute to would have suffered if it ended on a note such as The Miz being victorious. It will be easy enough for The Miz to explain his decision in a wonderfully crafted promo segment on RAW.

The Undertaker’s Farewell

  • Shane McMahon, JBL, The Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley, The Godfather, The Godwins, Savio Vega, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H and Kane are brought out with full entrances each, to pay tribute.
  • Commentary acknowledge the BSK and their power behind the scenes.
  • We cut to a video package recapping the immortal career of The Deadman, very touching tribute featuring statements of thanks and acknowledgments from huge stars such as Edge, Batista, Cena and Stone Cold.
  • All the legends, mentioned previously, just leave as WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon comes out to pay tribute to Undertaker.
  • Vince cuts a very touching tribute with what feels like a tear in his eyes, as he introduces for one last time The Undertaler
  • The ThunderDome screens are dimmed, pyro blazes and lightning places a 8-bit rendition of Taker’s theme.
  • Visual effect galore for The Undertaker’s final entrance including a dimensional-esque veil of blue smoke and light.
  • Emerging from the light and smoke, in full gear, is the man we have known for 30 years as The Undertaker.
  • Undertaker takes a while getting to the ring, but if anyone has earned a slow march it’s The Undertaker.
  • “For thirty long years i’ve made that long walk to the ring, and have laid people to rest time and time again, and now my time has come to let The Undertaker Rest in Peace”
  • As The Undertaker stars into the distance, he drops to his knees one last time as the sounds of Paul Bearer and Holographic image appear paying tribute to the late manager of The Deadman.
  • The bells chime an all to familiar tune as arguably the greatest wrestling character of all time rises and walks away alone, raising his arm one last time as the sounds of the ThunderDome play on.
  • No tricks, no attacks, no surprises, just the end of an icon and the end of an amazing career.

Analysis: Thank You Undertaker.

Overall I think Survivor Series 2020 failed to live up to the heights of last years show. I feel the main contributing factor to this is that the build of brand supremacy is lessened massively when the show comes only months after a massive brand redraft. Furthermore, if you compare the build to last years show with NXT invading both shows and RAW and SmackDown retaliating this felt like a slow stroll to a inconvenient stop gap on the Road to WrestleMania.

What also goes against the show is that all of the storyline throwbacks and resists such as Lana and Natalya and Roman vs Drew are incredibly fresh because we had a shared roster less than two months ago. As discussed earlier, revisiting moments for story-telling or nostalgia only works if significant time has passed and nothing was left to mature long enough.

On with the positives, Keith Lee has had one of his most visible issues addressed with the introduction of a new theme, he once again looked strong and I for one would love to see him challenge Lashley and preferably defeat Lashley for the US title to help elevate that belt as it so desperately needs. The slow built to Alexander erupting within The Hurt Business was a nice bit of subtle story telling that I am excited to see continue.

Over on the SmackDown side of things, Jey Uso’s one night story arch was excellent and the argument with Jimmy will add fire to an already incredible story with The Tribal Chief at the main event of SmackDown. Otis looked much better in-ring and the storyline evolution of Alpha Academy has some real potential to over deliver on a ridiculous concept.

Finally, we got -in my opinion- and genuine match of the year main event, a proper old school main event, a big fight feeling match. Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre went to war for 24 minutes and told an incredible story in the process. This was a main event The Undertaker would have loved and reflects the values of wrestling from The Deadman’s time.

I would like to take this time and platform to once again say Thank You, to The Undertaker for an incredible life changing thirty years, from everybody involved at ITRWrestling and Inside The Ropes as a whole.

Make sure to check back again tomorrow, for live results from the upcoming WWE Raw Results featuring all the fall-out from tonight’s Survivor Series PPV.