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WWE Superstars Reveal Their Most Listened To Spotify Artists Of 2021

Brock Lesnar WWE

With the year drawing to a close, Spotify has been sharing with its users their most listened to artists and now some WWE stars have revealed their top jams in 2021.

Users of the streaming platform have been sharing the results of Spotify Wrapped where they can find out all sorts of stats about their listening to habits from the year including their most listened to song and artist.

With live touring returning to WWE in the summer of 2021, the stars were back travelling the highways and byways, with plenty of time on their hands in the car or on flights to listen to their favourite tracks.

Some WWE Superstars have been featured on TikTok discussing their most listened to tracks with some surprising results. One revelation that is anything but surprising is that long-time WWE referee Charles Robinson’s most listened to track of the year is Freedom ’90 by the late, great George Michael.

Naomi revealed her most listened to artist of the year was Beyonce while Drew Gulak has spent most of 2021 listening to stand-out WrestleMania 37 competitor Bad Bunny.

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has been listening to plenty of Elton John in 2021. The Scotsman is not yet scheduled to appear at the upcoming Day 1 pay-per-view but might find that Saturday night’s alright for fighting if he makes it onto the New Year’s Day show to kick-off 2022.

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