WWE Superstar Suffers Bloody Injury During Money In The Bank

Shotzi in Money in the Bank ladder match

SmackDown Superstar Shotzi left Money in the Bank with a bloody injury she sustained during the opening Ladder Match.

This year’s Money in the Bank kicked off with the Women’s Ladder Match. The bout was everything fans have to expect from the annual show with broken ladders and broken bodies littering the ring.

However, during the chaos, one woman seemed to come off worse than the others as SmackDown’s Shotzi appeared to mistime a Senton on Becky Lynch, resulting in her hitting the back of her own head against a ladder that was lying in the ring.

Later in the match, it could be seen that Shotzi was covered in blood. She battled on for some time but was later approached by medical staff. At the time of writing, there has been no official update on Shotzi’s condition.

The match itself came to an end when Liv Morgan cut Becky Lynch off when she was on the cusp of victory. Morgan set up a ladder alongside Lynch and countered an attempt to push her over by putting her foot on the top rope to bounce back into the middle of the ring, knocking Big Time Becks to the floor. This left Morgan free to unhook the briefcase and claim a tearful win.

Things didn’t end there for Morgan as she wasted no time in cashing in her briefcase on Ronda Rousey after the former UFC star had barely seen off Natalya to retain the gold.

Morgan sprinted to the ring, roared on by the capacity crowd, but the dream almost turned into a nightmare. Rousey caught the popular star in an Ankle Lock and it appeared that there was no escape. However, this would be Morgan’s night as she reversed the champion into a pin to win her first championship in WWE.