WWE Superstar Accused Of Being Dangerous In The Ring

Titus O'Neil Bobby Lashley MVP WWE Raw

Titus O’Neil has been in WWE for more than a decade, and though he’s a former WWE Tag Team Champion, he’s become more known for his accomplishments as an ambassador for the company in recent years.

Spending time outside the squared circle may be a good thing according to fellow former 24/7 Champion EC3. The two worked together numerous times during their time on NXT Redemption, and EC3 says that O’Neil gave him multiple concussions when the two shared the ring.

“I mean, I have been concussed by Titus O’Neil more times than anybody in my life. I constantly get concussed, and I do everything to protect my opponent.” (h/t Sportskeeda)

O’Neil hasn’t competed inside a WWE ring since losing a United States Title match to Bobby Lashley on a November 2020 episode of Monday Night Raw. However, the star insists that he’s not retired from in-ring competition and will return when the time is right.

Titus O’Neil Took His WWE Name From An NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal

During a December interview with The Dad Edge podcast, Titus O’Neil opened up about how he chose his name after signing with WWE, saying that he wanted to be known as more than just a professional wrestler; he wanted to be a true superstar like his fraternity brother Shaquille O’Neal.

“My youngest son’s name is Titus and Shaquille O’Neal is my fraternity brother, and he’s also one of my favorite all-time sports entertainers, he did more than just play basketball. He was rapping, he was in movies, in every other commercial you could name, pushing every product you could name.

“I felt that I wanted to be the Shaquille O’Neal of WWE where I didn’t want to just be known as a professional wrestler, I wanted to be a superstar that could do anything and everything. Put me in a movie, put me on the red carpet, put me at a football game, commentate, do whatever and I’d be just fine. That’s how I came up with Titus O’Neil. Of course, somebody thought that I should be Irish so they took the A out and put an I in.” (h/t Fightful)