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WWE SuperCard Team Discuss Making The Game

SuperCard Season 7

WWE SuperCard has become one of WWE’s most popular mobile games.Launching in 2014, the game sees players compete against each other while collecting cards of various WWE Superstars and legends.

The game proved quite the undertaking for the company behind it, Cat Daddy. Their founders Harley Howe and Patrick Wilkinson discussed the origins of the game. Speaking to the Pocket Gamer podcast, Howe said:

“The original idea for WWE SuperCard was for it to be a companion app to the console game. But it became much more as we designed and iterated on the concept. It began feeling like its own title and had its own unique hooks and gameplay while appealing to the same core audience.”

Howe then went on to explain the challenges of making such a game to suit such a diverse audience:

”Honestly, the most challenging thing about working with an IP is meeting fan expectations. With WWE SuperCard, we created an out of the box collectible card game that appeals to WWE fans of all ages. There are millions of WWE fans encompassing multiple generations of fandom out there. So the sheer variety of fans is vast, complicated, and fun to tackle. We want all Macho Man fans who remember his high-flying style and incredible promos to feel like they can jump into WWE SuperCard and play as their favourite guy in the same way that we want all the New Day, Roman Reigns, and John Cena fans to be able to jump in and deliver spears, Attitude Adjustments, and bring down Money in the Bank briefcases.”

Patrick Wilkinson added:

“The challenge is figuring out how to offer a little bit of everything and yet bring that depth of the experience together, coherently, for everyone.Our engine is really robust and affords us the ability to create new content like modes or events or card tech quickly so we can assess its strengths. Plus, all of the developer team is constantly trying out new ideas for all types of players.”

WWE SuperCard is available for fans to download on both iOS and Android systems.

Credit Pocket Gamer podcast

h/t to Fightful for the transcription