WWE Stock Rises Nearly 10% Following Vince McMahon Retirement

WWE logo over stocks chart

Mere days removed from Vince McMahon’s retirement from his executive duties, WWE stocks are said to have risen by almost 10%, up by over $6.

News of Vince McMahon’s retirement and Triple H being promoted to become the company’s Head of Creative has resulted in company stocks rising exponentially.

PWInsider’s Paul Jordan noted that stocks were reported to have risen by $6.16 a share (9.3%). Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp later reported that stocks now sat at $72.52; an increase of $6.30 (9.51%). With this, WWE stocks are now at a 52-week high, far surpassing any expectations.

Triple H’s promotion to Executive Vice President of Talent Relations began an unprecedented time for WWE. That same day, Vince McMahon announced his shock retirement from WWE, though it’s since been confirmed that he’s actually resigned from his duties.

As of today, Stephanie McMahon is Chairwoman, she and Nick Khan will serve as co-CEOs, and the real-life Paul Levesque is now Head of Creative as well. Kevin Dunn, who works in WWE’s television production, is the next key executive scheduled to depart the promotion.

It’s unclear how the stocks will be affected following the unearthing of further payments reportedly being made by Vince McMahon between 2006 and 2022, amounting to an alleged total worth more than $14 million.