WWE Stock Hits Four-Year High Following UFC Merger

WWE logo over stocks chart

On April 3rd WWE announced a huge new deal with Endeavor.

The deal will see the sports entertainment merge with UFC in a deal worth a staggering $21 billion. As a result of the merger a new publicly listed company will be formed, which will be 51% owned by Endeavor with the other 49% owned by WWE. The as-yet-unnamed company, currently listed as TKO, will have Ari Emanuel serving as CEO and Vince McMahon involved as Executive Chairman.

The news of the merger has been greeted positively on the stock exchange, with WWE stock finishing April 4th incredibly strongly.

WWE stock closed at $97.23, which is the highest it’s been since April 24th, 2019 when it closed at $98.50. The figure is an increase of 8.88% from closing on April 3rd.

It has been reported by Forbes that Vince McMahon’s personal net worth has now risen to $3.1 billion.

WWE Toasts “Most Successful WrestleMania Ever”

As the dust was beginning to settle on the huge news about WWE’s future, the sports entertainment giant sent out a press release detailing the huge success of WrestleMania 39. The company stated that the event set new records for “viewership, gate, sponsorship, merchandise, and social media.”

The official attendance was announced as 161,892 across the two nights of the show, making the gate worth a staggering $21.6 million.