WWE Star’s Last Minute Raw Appearance Was A “Vince McMahon Call”

Vince McMahon in a WWE ring

According to a new report, Vince McMahon had a major impact on the May 29th episode of WWE Raw.

At Night of Champions, Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles to become World Heavyweight Champion. The new title will be exclusive to Raw, while The Visionary has promised to be a regular fixture on the red brand, and ready to defend the gold at all times.

Raw opened with a celebration for Rollins who entered through the crowd as they roared their approval and sang his theme song. The new champion was eventually joined in the ring by Styles who shook his hand. Eventually, the pair were confronted by Judgment Day and this set up a match between Rollins & Styles and Damian Priest and Finn Balor in the main event.

After the show, it was reported that Styles wasn’t originally scheduled for the show, with his appearance described as a “last-second change.” Styles had even flown home following Night of Champions, before then having to head to Albany, New York for Raw.

In a new update, Mike Johnson of PWInsider has revealed that the change came directly from Vince McMahon. The Executive Chairman had the show refigured to include the SmackDown star, although the rest of the show remained unchanged.

WWE Stars Reportedly “On Guard” Regarding Vince McMahon’s Comeback

The move comes after it was reported that Vince McMahon is still making “heavy alterations” to WWE television when he sees fit. The report noted that several members of the roster were “upset” at McMahon’s in-person involvement over WrestleMania weekend, including being at Raw in person on April 3rd.

Although McMahon hasn’t attended a show in persona since, he had continued to contribute to creative remotely, making changes when he feels they are required. Despite this, the roster has repeatedly been assured that Triple H is still running creative.