WWE Star Opens Up About Terrifying Sleep Paralysis Experience

WWE logo sleep paralysis

One WWE star opened up about the scary experience of dealing with sleep paralysis.

WWE backstage interviewer and Talking Smack host Kayla Braxton has been with the WWE since 2016, and she regularly exudes confidence in high pressure situations.

However, the star recently took to social media to lift the lid on her battle with the condition of sleep paralysis, something she’s dealt with since she was a small child and can be incredibly terrifying in the hours that one is trying to sleep, something that is precious during a demanding WWE travel schedule.

“I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was a kid. Last night,a little girl ran in front of me before plopping on my bed. She just stared at me. I could hear her footsteps and feel her move. It was so real. But I couldn’t move or speak til I forced myself to sit up – then she was gone.”

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep paralysis is a type of parasomnia, or an undesired event while a person is either falling asleep, sleeping, or waking up. When experiencing sleep paralysis, people find themselves unable to move as they’re falling asleep or waking up, and hallucinations can also be involved. The AASM website states:

“An episode of paralysis may cause you to be unable to speak. It can also make you unable to move your arms and legs, body, and head. You are still able to breathe normally. You are also fully aware of what is happening. An episode can last for seconds or minutes. The episode usually ends on its own.

“It may also end when someone touches you or speaks to you. Making an intense effort to move can also end an episode. Sleep paralysis may occur only once in your life. It may also happen many times in a year.

“It can be very scary when you are unable to move. You may feel anxious and afraid. Some people also hallucinate during an episode. They may see, hear or feel things that are not there. They may even think that another person is in the room with them. These hallucinations may also appear without the sleep paralysis.”

This isn’t the first time Kayla Braxton has opened up about her condition. In May of 2021, she revealed that she got a tattoo to commemorate the fact that she was learning to manage her condition.

“Favorite new tattoo to represent something I’ve dealt with since I was 6 – sleep paralysis. It’s one of the most terrifying phenomenons, but in the last year, I’ve learned how to deal with it. This tattoo symbolizes escaping from those ‘dreams.’ Any others who deal with this?”

Braxton currently works as a backstage interviewer on SmackDown as well as hosting The Bump.